It is of human nature to enjoy listening to stories, tales, and anecdotes.  Often times, we get bored easily when a material is presented to us directly and in a monotonous manner.  How many of us get bored when we listen to a news broadcast for more than ten minutes?  How many of us dose off at times when we attend a lecture or seminar?  Surely, many of us do!  The fact of the matter is that most of us are more willing to accept and understand an idea or thought if it is presented to us in an artful and creative manner.  That is why information is often times presented to us in a drama-like manner such as movies, plays, shows, and theatres which all seek to capture our interest and keep our attention in focus. 


          That is what attracted me to this interesting piece of work which is a series of dialogues that takes place between the writer and the “guest”.  Rather, it is a series of interviews that the writer conducts with the interviewee.  The purpose of these interviews is to expose a certain aspect of the interviewee’s life and thereby illustrate the message desired.  Just like a news correspondent who carries out an interview with a politician or an artist.


          These interviews are entertaining and interesting to follow, but more importantly, they reveal stunning secrets of our surroundings which we may not be aware of.  Secrets which may be bitter and sour when one comes to realize it, however, they are very critical and important to know!