Translator’s Introduction


When I first picked up the research topics in this compilation of work to read, little did I know what I was to embark on!  By the time I finished reading this precious work, I was convinced that the thoughts presented here were divinely inspired.  I was very impressed, yet I felt a bit of shame.  I was glad and lucky to have read and absorbed the thoughts presented in these chapters, as I felt that my faith have become revived and strengthened from its very foundation.  Yet, I wondered why didn’t I (as human being with a healthy and functional brain) ever ask myself these questions posed in this work, without having someone else lift my attention to it?  And if I did ask myself these questions, would have I reached the conclusions reached by logical deduction? 


This piece of work, which I consider to be a “masterpiece”, is written by an intellectual, wise, sincere and devout mind…the identity of whom I find it unnecessary to mention at this point, as the main purpose of this work is to present the thoughts, and not the thinker.  The wisdom behind that is to give a chance to the reader to absorb, contemplate, and judge the content of the material presented, without any bias or influence (whether positively or negatively) by the author.  Because of its dire importance and value, this material has been translated by the grace of God and is available now in both English and Arabic to accommodate a vast population of readers.


This work is unique in that it is directed to everyone who has a sane and healthy mind, regardless of their color, race, creed, or sect they belong to.  It takes the hand of every human being and walks them step by step in the journey of guidance, in order to build the foundation of their faith from scratch, while disregarding any prior belief or influence, whether from our upbringing or societies we live in.  Even if the building of faith is already present, it is still worth the time for you read this work and embark on this journey to renovate, reconstruct, and inspect this building from the bottom and up.  Just like a home inspector who conducts an inspection of a house or building regularly. 


The thoughts presented in this work are based simply on two things:


1)    Common sense and logical deduction.


2)    Facts in history which are definite and accurate. 


It is directed to people of all backgrounds, classes, and levels of education.  There are no prerequisites to reading these research topics. You don’t need to own a bank account or earn a college degree.  You don’t need to come from a high class family or be a citizen in your homeland.  You don’t need to own a house or have connections.  No pens or paper need!  All the reader needs are two important tools in order to fully benefit from the thoughts presented in this valuable compilation of work.  These tools, which are readily available to every sane person are:


1)    Logical reasoning-that is, working the Mind and using basic rules of logic and common sense that are inherently within us and is universal across all human beings.


2)    Open-mindedness-that is, the desire and motivation to search for guidance.  This entails the willingness to accept the truth when it is obvious, and reject falsehood when it is exposed.  



The reader is advised to read the material sequentially and start from the bottom of the building before getting to the roof.  This way, every brick will be appropriately placed in its position until the final brick is placed at the very top of the building.  The purpose will be met best in this way and will avoid the reader from having any bias whatsoever.  


So let us throw all our preexisting thoughts behind our backs and start with a clean white piece of paper.  Let us sharpen our minds and put on our thinking caps.  Our only motivation now is to sincerely find the truth and accept it, regardless of where we find it, and whether or not it matches our preexisting thoughts.  Let us promise ourselves to readily accept the truth when it stares us in the face and to reject falsehood and nonsense when it is clearly exposed.  With that said, you are ready to pack your bags in preparation to travel in your journey of guidance…