It is a fact of life that our world is filled with mysteries, ambiguities, and secrets.  There are many things out there that we don’t realize exist until we come across it and discover it, whether accidentally or intentionally.  There are many question marks that cross our minds in the many fields of life, whether scientific, environmental, or even simple day to day things.  Yet we may ignore them or fail to pursue the answer. 


          Likewise, it is normal and not surprising to find such unsolved mysteries and unrevealed secrets in the divine scriptures and revelations that are sent to mankind.  After all, God did state in the Holy Quran that “He sent down to you this scripture, containing straightforward verses which constitute the essence of the scripture, as well as multiple-meaning or allegorical verses.” [3:7]  This is the case with all the other divine revelations as there is no change in the way of God.  It is also from the mercy and justice of God that He send divine guidance and tools by which we may unravel and explain those ambiguous verses.  This divine guidance may come from the same book itself or from other divine books.  Or it may come in the form of prophets and messengers who clarify to us the inexplicable things.  And it can be our God-given intellectual ability that enables us to use our minds and make logical deductions. 


          Among the mysteries that have not yet been recognized or solved is the Mystery of the Prophecy of Psalm # 22 that is present in the Psalms of David.  By the grace of God, this mystery has been solved, the case has been cracked, and the match has been made!  This work enlightens you to the amazing discovery which the time has come for it to be revealed. When you read this article which has been made available to the general public in both English and Arabic, you will learn of this breakthrough discovery.  You will find yourself baffled at the implications of this finding which will answer a lot of questions and connect pieces of the puzzles that were scattered.  The prophecy of this Psalm revolves around a personality whom some of us may know and some of us not.  Although your mind may feel dizzy for a moment as the secret is unraveled, it will soon be overcome by a feeling of satisfaction and joy.  Tears of joy that will be mixed together with tears of sadness!  You will feel that all along you were blind and now you can see.  You will feel that whatever you knew before is nothing compared to what you now know. 


          People may have narrated stories before based on propagated traditions that have been passed on throughout the generations.  Poets may have written many exceptional poems to describe this occurrence in beautiful and metaphorical words.  Lecturers may have tried to picture to us the details of what happened to this personality.  And drama skits and movies may have been enacted to perhaps help us imagine and envision the reality of this story as if we were present during its occurrence. 


          But what we’ve never seen or heard before is the testimony of that person himself…in his own words…through his own tongue…revealed in one of the divine scriptures!  For the first time ever, we hear the direct words of this special person during and after his encounter…approved and stamped on by divine revelation!  That is what makes this discovery unique and extraordinary!  This heartbreaking testimony is more than enough to give a brief recount of what happened.  This remarkable testimony stands above all those who try to describe, narrate, or report the details of this occurrence in the past, present, or future!  So important is this testimony…so important is this occurrence…and so important is this personality…that God decided to include it as a divine revelation in one of His Books …to stay as a witness and proof forever for all of mankind!


          Without further suspense, you may sharpen your minds and move on to read and absorb this beautiful and exceptional article that will open endless avenues for you…