In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful.  May Peace and blessings be on Muhammad, the Seal of Prophets and Leader of Messengers, and on His purified Household!


The modern western civilization which the whole world now lives in its shade and under its control is the achievement of the white man who lives mainly in Europe, North America, Australia, and in other locations through settlement or colonization.  This is a fact which there is no doubt or argument over it.  After nearly 300 years has passed since the control of the civilization of this Caucasian/European white man over the world, and rise up of his state, and the increase of its domination day after day over all aspects and areas of the world, especially when we are at the doors of the 21st century, it is now our right to stop for a moment as an Islamic nation, to study and examine the effects and fruits of that western civilization.  This is especially the case after it took control over our lives and fates throughout two centuries and will continue to do so until God wills its termination.  At that time, it will collapse and disappear just like previous civilizations which took control and had power during its time.  But when its end came, it disappeared and we don’t even see any trace to them today.  These civilizations serve as a test and tribulation one after the other in which Allah (SWT) tests man to distinguish those who are patient and obedient believers, and those who are not.  And to distinguish the oppressed from the oppressors, and those who are arrogant and corrupt. 


It is also our right to study this western civilization to recognize how it affected and still affects our lives, so we may come to know of its positive and the negative aspects.  After that, we can carefully choose our way according to the result of the study so that we save ourselves from misguidance and destruction, as the Day of Judgment is surely coming and we must prepare ourselves for it.  Of course here we don't mean the type of civilization which causes the elevation of man in humanitarian aspects like ethics, behavior, and manners.  Rather, we mean the innovations of man in life to satisfy his multiple animalistic lower desires.  A believer in every age of times, whether past, present, or future is in fact in a continuous struggle with the civilization controlling his time (again, we mean the human innovations which serve to fulfill his different animalistic and materialistic lower desires) that push him away from the way of God.  If he kept himself away from it and treads in His straight path against its current, and purifies himself from its influences, effects and misguidance, he will win and succeed in the test (fitnah).  But if he gets deceived, tempted, and get poisoned by its toxins, he will be corrupted, misguided, and go astray from the straight path of his God.  As a result, he will loose his way and will loose both the life of this world and the Hereafter. 


Civilization, any civilization is a test (fitnah) from God to man; He (SWT) guides some people and misguides others.  Everything comes and goes, rises and sets, glows and set off, gives birth, grows up and then dies.  But the everlasting One is God and His light, guidance, straight way, and path.  He is the First and the Last, the Everlasting and the Permanent.  Glad tidings is to he who keeps his eyes upon God and doesn’t deviate away from His way and does not become deceived or attracted to the ornaments of the civilizations which is transient.     And woe is to he who follows and gets tempted by the ornaments of the civilization of his time. 


After careful study and analysis of the white western civilization which control us today and is the test of our time, we find three important fruits for this civilization which affect us.  These three fruits are:  the materialistic fruit, the moral and behavioral fruit, and the intellectual and social fruit.


The materialistic fruit includes all the modern materialistic innovations and inventions that came as a result of the western civilization such as cars, trains, planes, television, radio, video, cinema, computer, refrigerator, washing machine, AC, camera, various electronics, X-ray machines, communication equipments, weapons, ships, rockets, satellite dishes, and spacecrafts, etc.  Such inventions which turned our lives up side down and became part of us as we are also part of them.  We cannot give it up and we cannot escape from them.  It is one of the toughest tests that man has faced throughout the ages.


The moral and behavioral fruit is represented in materialism and believing in senses only and denying anything that cannot be sensed.  It is exemplified in accepting what is proved in laboratories and also in selfishness, exaggeration in self belief, being totally independent, working for self best interest only, and enjoying pleasures without any restrictions.  It is embodied in personal freedom of man to do whatever he wants and to make all his imaginations, dreams, and illusions become reality.  It focuses on the animalistic needs of man and necessity of his satisfaction by all means of pleasure and enjoyment and encouraging his materialism and what it results in the appearance of absolute importance of money as the main means to achieve all of the above.


As for the intellectual and social fruit, it is represented in denying the presence of a divine creator and limiting the role of religion and belittling its place and role in society.  It is represented in minimizing its effects and encouraging rebellion against religion and on its values and teachings, and instead replacing it with secularism, in addition to political and economical theories.  Also, by giving political power to this liberal secularism and enabling it to rule and take control.  This fruit is also represented in focusing on human capabilities, resources, views, and thoughts to portray them as the most important and have priority and deserve research, study, adoption, and publishing.  That's why there was encouragement in writing books, building libraries, establishing newspapers, creating publishing institutions, and promoting its growth and domination.  This fruit is also represented in focusing on globalization and dissolving the ties within the same family by encouraging its members to become independent and replacing the small family with the whole surrounding society.  That is why they establish media organizations and develop means of communication which tie the communities and individuals with each other.  They also encourage enlarging the circle of human relations until humans becomes international, while smaller circles disappear and the first victims would be the immediate family circle.  In this aspect, man is encouraged to establish and enforce relations with friends miles and miles away, more than enforcing his relationship with his parents, brothers, and sisters.  He is encouraged to know the news of minor events in countries which are far away from him, yet he knows nothing about the news of his immediate area.  Of course, all that has a direct impact on the human social life and as a result changes it dramatically.


Now, we come to the important question which we would like to pose for discussion:  Are these three fruits of the western civilization inseparably connected to each other?  Or are they separable such that you can choose one and get benefited from it while leaving the other two?  In other words, is it possible for us as an Islamic nation to take from the western civilization what we desire and what we think is beneficial only, and leaving the rest untouched?  Or is that not possible?  What evidence will the answer rely on to convince our minds which believe in its Creator? 


In order for us to answer this question, we must first identify the type of connection that exists between these three fruits of the white, European, and western civilization.  Is it branch-like or is it an organic, formal, and inseparable?


The branch-like bond is the bond that ties or connects between individual things that are independent of each other.  An example is the bond which connects the fruits on the branches of one tree, and the bond which connects the cars of a train, and the bond which connects the states or countries in a federal union, and the bond which connects light bulbs, and the bond which connect the rings of a chain or the beads of necklace.  In this type of bond, we can easily separate any component from the other by breaking the bond without either of them being affected by the other.  Exactly like when you pluck a fruit from a tree and enjoy it without being obliged to take other fruits from the same tree or being affected by them.  Here, you are choosing from the fruits without any problem.  Another example is when you choose one of four of five sisters to marry, without being obliged to take her sister along with her.  In this case, you have the freedom to select and choose without fear, and without effect of the non-chosen over the chosen, as each one of them are completely independent of the other even if they are bound together as a unit which could be separated easily.


As for the organic formal bond, it is a bond that is present between the components of one thing, and it is impossible to separate these components because the bond here is organic and formal.  In this type of bond, the components are not independent of each other.  This means that if you separated them apart, the formation of the components will be disrupted.  An example of that organic bond is the bond between the tissues in the same body, and the bond between the different parts of a cell, and the bond between the parts of one machine, and the bonds between molecules and atoms of the same compound and element.  Also, there is the bond between the internal constituents of a fruit.  Here, you can't separate between the sugar, starch, and potassium that is present inside an apple, because if you do that, the apple will not be an apple and it will be changed to something else.  So you'll not be able to enjoy it as an apple if you separate its constituents.  In this type of bond, you cannot choose or select between the components because these components are vital to each other.  If you try to interfere, then you will surely take with your selection the other constituents, that is, if you wished to benefit from that thing which you will select.  You will not be able to choose a car and enjoy it as a car without its tires, its motor, or its fan.  You will not be able to choose a friend and enjoy him as a friend, without his ears, feet, hair, or eyes because all of that are formal parts of him, without which he is not a human being whom you will be able to enjoy his friendship.


So what is the type of bond that exists between the three fruits of the western civilization?  Is it a branch-like bond that is easy to separate and select from these fruits without being affected by the others?  Or is it an organic and formal bond that is hard to separate these fruits from each other and select from them without being affected by the others?  Before answering this question, we must first study and research the nature of the bond that exist between the fruits of the western civilization so that we can identify the type of bond.  In order to discuss this matter, we must clarify the following important points and facts:


First:  The three fruits of the western civilization arose and originated from the same source, and that is, Western Europe and the white man.  And the bond between the components rising from the same source is always an organic and formal bond that is impossible to separate because it is an original bond that results from the same source and origin.  An example of that are light and heat and other different radiations coming from the sun.  All of the energy coming from the sun could be considered as fruits originating from the same source.  Therefore, the bond between these fruits is an organic and formal bond that is impossible to separate.  So to enjoy sunlight, you must feel its heat, and in order to feel its heat, then the sunlight, infrared, and ultraviolet light must reach you.  And so on and so forth, you cannot choose only one of them while abandoning the other. This is impossible!  Another example is the lava, heat, smoke, and fumes which are all considered to be fruits of a volcano.  Can you separate these fruits from each other and select from them?  If you took the lava, then you will have to take the heat along with it.  And if you take the heat, you can't leave the lava and smoke.  So the bond between these fruits is organic and formal because of the oneness of source and origin.  The water that originates from a contaminated source is considered to be altogether contaminated.  So you cannot drink from it without your body also being affected by that contamination, because the toxins in the water have become part of it.  Yes, you may quench your thirst and live from that water.  However, your body will be poisoned at the same time and will be afflicted with diseases that have no cure.  You will discover that dying out of thirst is easier than slow, painful, and torturing death resulting from the poison.  Any medicine has a useful effect and a harmful effect.  So if you ingest the medication, you cannot separate between its therapeutic and its adverse effect.  That is because both of them originated from the same medicine.


Second:  The three fruits of the western civilization are all the results of the white and European mind.  The thoughtful output of the human mind is like that of all the other human secretions.  The bond between its internal components is organic and formal.  The components of the sweat, urine, feces, milk, tears, intestinal secretions, hormones, saliva, mucus, and the rest of the human secretions are organically bound together such that it is impossible to separate these constituents and still have the same secretions.  After all, can you separate ammonia from urine (without laboratory work) yet still have the urine intact?  Could you separate proteins or milk fat from milk as easily as you separate the fruits of the same tree?  The same thing takes place with the thoughtful output of the human mind.  Ideas of man and his thoughtful output are tightly bound with each other, affects and interferes with each other.  Based on that, you cannot choose between thoughts of a person and take from it what you want and leave what you don't want, because all of them are organically bounded with each other.  The social ideas of Karl Marx, for example, are without a doubt affected by his other thoughts in other different fields such as his ideas about religion, marriage, politics, culture, sports, and pleasure, etc.  So if you take his ideas about socialism, you also take at the same time the effect of his other thoughts in his social ideology.  Here, you can't separate between these thoughts and effects and select from them what you want in a purified condition.  It is also a thoughtful output of human mind that you can't separate.  The composing of a certain musician is surely affected by his thoughts, opinions, feelings, and tendencies, etc.  The same is the case with the drawings and portraits of a drawer, and cravings of a craver, and pictures of a photographer, and the writings of a writer.  All of that are contaminated and influenced by the ideas and thoughts of that person in everything.  When you enjoy these artistic innovations, you involuntarily take all these intellectual effects and contaminations from it while you don't know what these thoughtful influences are that are specific to that artist.  Same is the case with the homosexual, the usurer, the depressed, the capitalist, the politician, the businessman, the oppressed, the ruler, the prostitute, the atheist, etc.  The thoughtful outcome of all of them will surely be affected by their personal behavior and tendencies.


Third:  The creation or manufacture of a man's hand is influenced by the personality of that man and his thoughts, views, and tendencies.  The look of his eye is affected by his personality, ideas, and feelings, etc.  His handwriting carries his personal print and the influence of his character to the extent that you can identify a person from his handwriting.  It is as if his handwriting reflects the features of his face which you would recognize if you saw him.  After all, can you separate between the personality effects manifested in handwriting, look in the eye, voice, or handcraft?  And can you select what you want and what you don't want from these effects.  Of course you can't!  If you listened to the voice of a person, you are not simply listening to the echo of his voice.  Rather, you are also listening to his feelings, emotions, thoughts, and features of his personality because all of that is reflected in his voice.  Even the condition of his body parts affects his voice.  For example, if his tongue, nose, or throat became ill, his voice will be disturbed and you will notice that effect when you hear his voice, even if you didn't know how that effect happened or where exactly is the part that affected his voice.  In such case, can you say, "I will take the voice of Mr. X, but I will abandon his hoarseness, high pitch, low pitch, or its tone."  You will not be able to because all of that is bound to each other in an organic and formal way and altogether composes the essence of a person's voice, his looks, or his touch.  It's either you listen to him with all his voice and take all these effects.  Or you leave all of it and close your ears to avoid what you don't like, but in such case you'll also abandon what you like.


The spirit, personality, emotions, feelings, morals, and thoughts of a person, even his body parts interfere with each other and are represented in his output, whether it is intellectual, materialistic, or moral.  The creation of a manufacturer not only s his talent;  rather, it also carries his personal print that is spiritual, moral, and materialistic in a way that is impossible to separate from each other.  When you enjoy the creation of a manufacturer who is European, Japanese, or Chinese, don't mistakenly think that you are enjoying his materialistic creation only.  Don't forget that this creation of his carries his personal, moral, thoughtful, and materialistic print.  He is present in that creation with all his content and influence, whether you like it or not.  So when you are enjoying his creation, you are at the same time taking all his other personal influences while you don't realize it.  No matter how much you try, you cannot separate between this creation and its creator, and its influences, prints, and spirit that is present in it.  So you take the creation and leave the spirit of its creator, his prints, influences, contents, morals, and thoughts that are present in it and through it, and is bound to it and hard to separate from it. 


In summary, man is part of his creation, and his creation is part of him.  And he is part of his thoughts, and his thoughts are part of him.  He is part of his civilization, and his civilization is part of him.  It is impossible to ever separate between one and the other.  If you take the creation, then you must take its creator along with it.  And if you accept a thought, you will accept its thinker along with it.  And if you take a civilization, you have no choice but to accept its innovator along with it, because he is part of it, and it is part of him.  Everything in it carries everything from him whether his self, content, soul, presence, and tendencies.


According to the same logic, we request all people as a believing nation that calls for the worship of Allah (SWT) alone…we ask them:  How do you enjoy the life of this world, while you refuse the worship of its creator and deny His presence and disbelieve in Him?  How do you enjoy the blessings which He (SWT) gave to you and his creation which He created for you, then you disbelieve in Him and deny Him?  You cannot ever separate between the blessing and its blesser, between the creation and its creator, and between beauty and its innovator because this contradicts logic.  The capability, spirit, and beauty of Allah (SWT) are apparent and intermingled with His creation, innovation, and creatures.  So, how can you separate between Hi and them while they are from Him.  His capability and His wisdom are in them.  Surely, this is not possible!  So if you are at every moment enjoying life, then you must at every moment thank and worship He who granted you this life and created it for you and dedicated it so that you may enjoy it.

How can we ask people to believe in their Creator and worship Him based on a logical fact, yet we wonder at their disbelief while we ourselves contradict this logical fact and we try to separate things that are impossible to separate.  It is as if we are doing that same act which we ourselves look down upon when they do it.  Don't we deserve to be looked down upon when we act their acts and follow their foolishness, and deviate from the same truth and logic which we built our beliefs on?  If we do that, then we'd be destroying one of the logical foundations which we built our belief upon.  If it is permissible for us to separate between a creation and its creator such that we enjoy the creation, yet we deny the creator, then it will then be permissible for them (based on that same mentality) to separate between the blessing of God and its giver.  Hence, you allow them to enjoy the bounty but deny and disbelieve in its creator.  By that, we are giving them legitimacy by which they establish their disbelief and a precedent by which they can refer to explain their disbelief and if you argue with them they will tell you "You did the thing itself."  Or that we want to deal with the people with two sets of standards and logic that are contradicting and opposing to each other.  By that, we are being unjust and place ourselves in a state of mockery in front of our Lord and the people.  You can imagine if we call people not to deny their creator, yet we ourselves deny the people their creations and deny their rights in it!  So we want to take and accept their creation, yet reject them and enjoy their thoughts while we carry animosity against them and live under the shadow of their intellectual products.  This is not justice!  If we made this permissible for ourselves, then we should also make it permissible for them.  Based on this same logic and rule, we permit their disbelief in their Lord and ingratitude to Him, and denial to His innovations, while they enjoy His creation and innovations.  Where is the justice in that and does our Lord accept that?  A fact is fact, and we have to deal through it with our God and with the people.  The confirmed truth here is that with every creation you take and enjoy, you must also accept its manufacturer along with it.  So you thank him, praise him and become affected by , and accept that so long as you accepted enjoying his creation and fruits, and output, since the creator/manufacturer is present in his creation. 


Fourth:          The bond that ties man with his belongings is either branch-like or organic, according to the nearness of these belongings from man himself.  So if the belongings of that person are very close to him, his bond with it will be organic and interconnected.  And the closest of belongings to man is himself, his thoughts, output, creations, accomplishments, and products.  So, the bond between him and them is organic and inseparable from him.  This is different from the other belongings that are different from man, such as his car, house, money, and toothbrush which can all be separated from him easily.   In general, the ownership of man to his belongings logically gives him the freedom to control.  It is not the right of anyone to limit this freedom or deprive him of that.  Since the three fruits of the western civilization are belongings of the white European man and are the production of his innovations and thoughtful accomplishments then he owns these fruits and the bond between him.  These fruits are so strong like the organic bond, due to the closeness of these fruits to his personality and self.  He has total freedom in dealing and controlling these three fruits however he likes since it belongs to him alone.  So if you came to buy from him any of these three fruits, it is his right to make it a condition to you to take with it what he wants of the other fruits.  You don't have any right to refuse that, so long as you want to complete the process of buying what you want.  If you go to a store to buy oil since you need that item, and the owner of the store makes it a condition to you that if you want to buy the bottle of oil, you have to buy a bag of candy along with it and that is his right.  It's either you accept his condition and buy the oil along with the candy, since you need oil.  Or you quit the whole deal and sacrifice the oil (although you need it) since you don't want to take the bag of candy.

Similarly, it is the right of the white European man that when you go to him to buy from his materialistic fruit of the civilization which is represented in his recent inventions and luxuries, that he set the condition to you to take along with it from the other two fruits.    So he requests you to be secular, materialistic, and liberal.  In that way, he imposes his other fruits upon you and that is his right logically and practically.  So you either accept the whole deal or reject the whole deal.  It is not your right to choose or select from the fruits of this white man, or that you impose on him your conditions since he is the owner and the producer, while you are the consumer and the seeker.


Fifth:  There is another logical fact which states that the bond between a building and what it is built on is a formal organic bond which cannot be separated and not the opposite.  So the bond between what it has been built upon and the building is a branch-like bond which can be separated.  For example, a house that is built of two floors; one is ground floor that is built on, and second floor that is built on top of it.  Here, the ground floor is the one which is built upon, while the top floor is the one being built.  Logic says that you are able to demolish the top floor without the ground floor being affected.  But, you cannot demolish the ground floor while the top floor stays intact.  That is impossible!  Movement of objects is built on the laws of motion.  So if the object stopped moving, the laws of motion will still exist.  However, if the laws of motion became disturbed and stopped working, the movement itself cannot take place.  What has built upon is independent on what has been built, but the opposite is not true.  The building is dependent on the thing that is been built upon.   Similarly, you cannot be independent of Allah (SWT), even with His creation.


So if we analyzed the three fruits of the western civilization, we will find that the moral, behavioral, and intellectual social fruit together form the foundation upon which the materialistic fruit has been built upon.  The materialistic fruit is analogous to the top floor, while the other fruits are the ground floor.  There is very true because liberalism, total personal freedom, abandonment of religion, total secularity, working to satisfy man's pleasure and lower desires, establishing materialism, and money …all of that cause the development of the materialistic fruit that is represented in every innovation and invention of man in the last 200 years is preceded by the age of renaissance, limiting the church rule, then industrial revolution, and the technological revolution.  So it is clear that the two fruits (moral and intellectual) preceded the materialistic fruit and so they are the foundation upon which it has been built upon.


Based on the logical reality that we spoke about earlier, you can take the moral, behavioral fruit, and the intellectual, social fruits of the western civilization, because they are the ones being built upon.  You can leave the materialistic fruit and there is no problem in that.  But you can not take the materialistic fruit of the western civilization, while leaving the two fruits since they are the basis and foundation that is built upon.  So, if you want the materialistic fruit, you should also take the other fruits along with it.  Based on the previous discussion, we can deduce with logic and certainty that the bond between the three fruits of the western civilization is a formal and organic that is hard to separate from each other.  Thus, it is impossible for us to choose and select from these three fruits and take what we want and what may benefit us, while abandoning what we don't want and don't accept.  That is because practically these fruits are parts and components of one bigger fruit.  It's either you take it all, or leave it all!  The whole matter is an equation so if you needed to take something of it, beware of the other poisons and toxins that come along with it and which will surely affect you.  So you have to take as little as you can, exactly like the pharmacists and physicians deal with plants that carry a useful medicine which an ill body may need, but at the same time, the same medicine carries other adverse effects which could potentially harm other parts of the body.  In this case, the physician makes a comparison between the therapeutic effect and the adverse effect.  If the therapeutic effect exceeds the adverse effect, then it will determine the lowest dose of medicine which achieves the desirable therapeutic effect yet has the lowest amount of the adverse effect.  That is because practically we can't separate between the therapeutic effect and the adverse effect of a medicine. 


Same is the case when dealing with the materialistic fruits of the western civilization.  We must only take from it for the absolute necessities and after careful evaluation, while taking into consideration the other two fruits which will definitely affect us.  We should also be careful of how much dose we take from this materialistic fruit.  By that, we can protect our culture, societies, behavior, morals, and the foundations of our lives as much as we can as a faithful Muslim nation.  We should also search for the best means to protect the body of our nation from the toxins of these western materialistic fruits which we have to take.  The whole process shouldn't be left totally open for us to take as we want.  Otherwise, our nation will be intoxicated and at that time, we should blame only ourselves.  At that point, we cannot blame but ourselves.  After all, a person may take ten tablets of aspirin to relieve a simple headache in which he can be a little patient and pray to Allah (SWT) that He cures him by other means.  As a result, that causes him to develop a stomach ulcer or experience severe bleeding.  He shouldn't blame the aspirin and blame anyone but himself because first, he used it when it was not necessary, and when he knew very well its dangers and risks.  Second, he took great dose of it without assessing whether its adverse effects is greater than its benefits.  So he saved himself from a simple hole and fell in a deep well filled with darkness in which there is no escape.  Third, he wasn't even careful to take the aspirin in between his meals or in a gel or coated form to protect his stomach from adverse effects that are well-known.  Now, who is responsible for the harm in this case?  Surely, it is the patient himself due to his recklessness and his rush after his desires, comfort, materialism, and his lack of care of his safety.  It is also due to the lack of evaluation of the matter, foolishness, ignorance, and rush to follow what he sees as good, while he is ignorant of its poisons, harm, and adverse effects.


And now, oh sons of our Islamic nation, and oh true believers in particular, after you came to know of the impossibility of selecting from the fruits of western civilization which we live under in this age in time and Allah (SWT) tested us with it…And after you became certain with logical reasoning that by you taking the materialistic fruits of western civilization that is represented in its recent innovations and technologies…And running behind it and feeling mesmerized by everything that it presented to you from innovations and inventions in all fields.  You are at the same time also taking from its other corrupted, rotten fruits, and poisoning all your bodies, spirits, thoughts, morals, culture, feelings, and lives along with it.  This materialistic civilization is like a cigarette which gives you temporary pleasure and limited comfort.  But, it also gives you addictive nicotine which you do not see.  It gives you carbon which deposits in your lungs and disrupts it, but you do not see it.  It gives you other chemicals which cause cancer and heart attacks, and end your life gradually.  But you don't realize it until the cigarette burns you and eventually takes over your life with everyone you light up, while you are ignorant of the dangers present in it and which you inhale with every puff of smoke and with every pleasure.  It is a pleasure which lasts for a moment, but it costs you a lot in your body, health, and life.  The same is the case with the materialistic achievements of the west and its innovations which the whole world runs behind.  The whole world became poisoned and corrupted and we see that very clearly today.  So, shall we surrender to that, or shall we be wise, stop, resist, and stand as a role model to others so that we protect our society, ourselves, and our nation?


We must be ascetic in the innovations and advancements of this civilization and not lean towards comfort.  This is not a call for backwardness or retardedness; rather, it is a call for the protection of our lives and selves and our nation from a grave danger which could engulf and destroy us if we left it or didn't resist it.  We all carry this responsibility, and this is not the responsibility of the governments, leaders, or presidents.  It is okay that we take what we really need in a certain field with specific doses and in a way that protects our society and individuals from the harmful effects of that "black" civilization.  It is okay for example, to take from the innovations in fields like medicine, industry, energy, and defense.  However, to become a victim to these innovations and inventions in the way we see now, it is a big shame!  Even the west has started to rebel and revolt against this materialistic civilization, while we rush to it and become mesmerized by it, and so our markets, stores, and houses become full of it.  It is wrong and it intoxicates our lives as we explained before.  So let us suffer a little bit for the sake of protecting our society, lives, and children.  If we can walk and the distance is not so far, we should walk instead of using a car.  We should use our minds instead of calculators.  We should visit each other and send mail to each other, instead of using electronic mail.  If it is not so necessary, we can wait until we meet whomever we want to meet instead of using the cell phone or pager.  Yes, we may suffer a little, but we will be protecting ourselves and our lives.  We should leave the usage of western technology unless it is absolutely necessary. 


More importantly, we must develop and advance our Islamic civilization that is ours and make it replace the western civilization, after asking help from Allah (SWT) our Great Creator.  Our civilization will then be better than the garbage of the West.  We can develop our civilizations that stems from our society, legacy, Islamic culture and values.  This civilization will then produce materialistic fruits which benefit us and gives us comfort instead of depending on others to invent for us while are just consumers and are dependent on them.  In such case, they have the upper hand on us while they are evil people who have no religion or morals, and they have no red lines, and they are devil's assistants.  Yet, you submit to them helplessly because you live under their grants, accomplishments, successes, and innovations.  What type of degrading life is this?  How can a nation which believes in Allah (SWT) as one God and prostrates to Him fives times a day accept this?  How will we stand up against the enemies of Allah (SWT) and our enemies, while we beg and take from them everything that is unnecessary and extra from the inventions, technologies, electronics, and different types of materialistic fruits of the western civilization?.  How can I stand up against my enemy while I live under his bounty and build my whole life on his grants and accomplishments?  It is as if I have no life except through him!  Then after that, I curse him, call for his opposition and fight against him.  And I complain of him and his injustice and oppression.  This is a contradiction in our lives which should come to an end immediately!  We can do it if we depend on ourselves and believe in our abilities.  Our minds are not less competent than theirs and we constitute big and diversified nations in Asia, Africa, and America.  After all, a carriage pulled by horses from our inventions and manufacturer is better and more dignified to us than a thousand cars that come to us from different countries and corrupt the western civilization.  As they say, need is the mother of invention.  If we stopped taking from them, then we will be in need.  And if we are in need, then this will drive us to invent, innovate, and depend on ourselves.  Success gives rise to self-confidence, and self-confidence gives birth to civilization and its good fruits.  Let us not forget that Allah (SWT) is with us and will supply us with help, support, and knowledge which He (SWT) gave to others when they worked hard and took the measures needed.  If we ourselves work hard and take the correct measures, and prayed and worshipped Him sincerely, He (SWT) will supply us with knowledge which is much more than them.  We will then exceed them in innovation and success as we did in the past.  The day will come when they will stand at our door to take from our sciences and civilization which will then shower them with goods.  But it will not destroy them with toxins, as their civilization does to us and to others today.  There is no harm in cooperating with other nations in this aspect which also wants to liberate itself from the influence and tyranny of the European civilization.


Oh believing brothers and sisters, let us start a vast movement today everywhere to reject the western civilization and boycott it with all its fruits, except what is necessary.  Let us declare our disobedience and rebellion against it and let us try to stop its mad and destructive widespread before it steps on us and destroys us.  This is our duty in front of Allah (SWT) and in front of His Prophet (SA).  We must not ever become deceived by it or surrender to it.  What we are calling for now is not a case of madness or backwardness.  Rather, it is a call for intellectuality, contemplation, carefulness, and to stand up before it is too late.  So is there anyone to listen or understand?  Is there any wise person to comprehend?  Oh Allah, bear witness that we conveyed and warned the nation!  So if they became alerted, all praise is to You.  And if they insist and do not listen, then we ask Oh Allah for Your Mercy and Grace and that you don't take us on what the foolish people do.  And if You willed to test our people, then save us from the result of this test and send Your Mercy upon us, Oh Most Merciful!  Save and rescue us by your Grace from what the disobedient and unjust people do.  Increase us in patience, give us from Your Dignity, and guide us to the truth and righteousness, for You guide whomever you want to the Right Path.  May Peace and Blessings be on the most honorable messengers Muhammad and his purified progeny!  Praise is to Allah (SWT), the Lord of all Worlds!