No...I will NOTBecome an Animal !




The frog jumped up high in the air and shouted, "Court in order!"So, all of the attendants in the animal courtroom stood up.They were a diverse group of different shapes and types of animals.The Bear Judge enters as he wore a black robe and he dragged his feet in a sluggish way.He sat down in his place behind the bar and gestured with his hand, so the attendants sat down and he said:


††††††††† "Court is in session!Oh bailiff, please call upon the defendant."The frog jumped up once again and said with his characteristic voice, "The defendant is a human."

A man entered the courtroom surrounded by four dog guards.†† He made his way to the defendant's cage and one of the dog guards closed the door behind him.The defendant sat down inside the cage.


The Bear Judge:Let the jurors enter (so a side door opened and the jurors entered as they were composed of an elephant, deer, eagle, jaguar, rabbit, alligator, giraffe, rabbit, peacock, lamb, dove, and a bat).Oh prosecutor, please recite the accusations and tell us why this human defendant is here now.

Fox Prosecutor: (stands up and says) Your honor, the defendant who is standing in front of you today is one of the scarce remains that are left of this species which is called "human being" or "man".This species have become extinct or nearly so.Here, I have to remind the respected court of the decree of our Lion King and our great Tiger Master (prime minister), decree number 635 from year 2005, which was issued in regards to solving the problem of the remains of this extinct human race.As the court knows, the decree states that any creature proved to be a human from a mother and father with sufficient evidence, and that he possesses a thinking mind and has morals and feelings, and that he is from the human remains, he must be arrested immediately since he poses a threat to the general security and order.He must be put under constraint until he gets changed into an animal as the other members of the kingdom.The decree states that such a human has the right to be changed into any kind of animal he desires, but that this should happen as soon as possible.Furthermore, the decree states that if the human refused or refrained from carrying out that decree, he should then stand in a public trial in front of you within fifteen days, Your Honor, and in front of the jurors, according to the laws of the animal kingdom.He should be granted a fair trial that does not exceed one day.He has the right to have a lawyer who would represent him and you should rule against him if the jurors reach a verdict that he is guilty, according to the laws which the Legislative Animal Council established and ratified by our great Lion King and our great Tiger Master, may God protect them both.

Your Honor, we have arrested this man standing in front of you a week ago while he was hiding alone in a small cave.He was caught red-handed in the state of thinking and in his hand a book which he was reading from.Mr. Wolf, who is the chief of the police and the security minister have immediately been informed.Mr. Wolf and a big number of dog guards went right way and surrounded and arrested this man in his cave.The defendant has admitted that he is a complete human from a human father and mother, and that he was hiding in this cave away from the eyes to avoid interacting with other animals since he feels superior to them and is escaping from the law which enforces him to change into an animal like them.He admitted that he was reading, thinking, contemplating, and worshipping.He possesses feelings, emotions, principles, morals, ethics, and he confessed other things which we will present through the witnesses at the appropriate time.After the defendant was placed in prison, he completely refused to cooperate with the authorities in changing him to an animal.He refused to carry out the decrees and laws of the animal kingdom.He fiercely resisted and refused all the peaceful attempts made to convince him to abide by the law.He insisted on his position to stay human.Therefore, we are obliged to try him in front of you, as the law states, to judge him.So I ask you to apply the law code number 635 if he is found guilty.This code states that this human should be changed to an animal by force, by the order of the judge through the poisonous bite from the snake.This procedure should be carried out in front of you and under your supervision.This bite will change him involuntary to an animal as the other animals, and it will destroy his mind, human morale, and will protect us from his evil.After that, he will become an animal and be one of us who live our lifestyle and tread our path.By that way, he will become an example to any other human from the remains of this arrogant and extinct race that feels superior to us, hates our lifestyle, and takes pride that he has a mind, intellect, morals, feelings, and emotions, in contrary to us.††† Based on that, he wants to live a different life from ours and as you know, that is totally forbidden and prohibited in our kingdom as it poses great danger and threat upon all of us and on our existence.We can not allow that to happen!If we left him to do as he please, his danger will increase and he may even reproduce other human beings whom he may teach and poison them with his thoughts.So they will rebel and refuse to become an animal, and so on.†† If we allow that to happen, our system will collapse and corruption and revolt will widespread in our kingdom.As a result, all of our materialistic animal achievements will get lost and he will destroy them through his ideas, morals, and spiritualities. We shouldn't allow him to do that!We must eradicate this rebellion from the beginning and cut away the roots of this arrogant humanity in its cradle before it widespread and becomes difficult to be controlled or removed.Thank you, Your Honor and dear animal jurors. (The Wolf Prosecutor sits down)


Bear Judge: (He looks over to the human defendant) Oh Human Defendant, you have listened to the prosecutorís statement.So, do you plead guilty or not guilty?


Human defendant: (stands up) Not guilty and I confess that I am human in complete human form.I confess that I was thinking, reading, contemplating, worshipping, and hiding away from your oppressive animal world.I admit that I absolutely reject to turn into an animal like you or that I become one of you. (he sits down)


Voices and murmurs are heard protesting from the animal crowd and also from the animal jurors as they became angry from the comments of the defendant.So the Bear Judge knocks on the bar requesting quietness and silence in the courtroom.The Parrot Lawyer representing the human defendant stands up and asks the Bear Judge to give him permission to speak.The Judge permits him.


Parrot Lawyer: (in his characteristic voice) Your Honor, I urge you to take into consideration the ill mental state of my human client.Please don't take what he has said now in front of you against him.I plea the same thing to the respected animal jurors as my client's mental and psychological state is not well and is rather disturbed.This is clear from his speech in front of you.I shall clarify that to you during my defense when my turn comes. Thank you your Honor. (He sits down)


Human defendant: (yells out loud from inside the cage) I did not hire any animal to defend me, as I am more capable of defending myself!That parrot does not represent me and I am more mature and wise than all of you!


Bear Judge: (angrily) Keep quiet and silent Oh Human defendant, or else I will order the dog guards to bite you as a punishment for disrupting order in the court! (quietness prevails)

Bear Judge: (continues) The prosecution may start to present their evidence for the charge.You may call your first witness Oh Fox Prosecutor.


Fox Prosecutor (stands up): Thank you, Your Honor.The first witness is the respected Mr. Wolf, the Chief of the Police and Security Minister.


Frog Bailiff: (jumps high in the air and calls out) Mr. Wolf, the Chief of the Police and the Security Minister!


(Mr. Wolf enters in his official uniform, with his badges on his shoulders, walking proudly.The earth shakes under his steps.A serious frown is on his face, and he takes the witness stands after giving the oath.


Fox Prosecutor: Oh respected Mr. Wolf, please tell the court and the jurors how and when this human defendant was arrested.


The Wolf: He was arrested exactly a week ago after we received a number of phone calls from many animals informing us that this defendant is hiding in a distant cave away from the eyes.And that he avoids interacting with any animal and engages in prayer and worship.He spends long periods of time thinking and pondering, and at other times, reading and studying.We have sent out our informants and spy dogs and they confirmed the accusations.I immediately notified our great Tiger Master, the prime minister, who in turn notified our great Lion King. An order was issued to me to immediately go with a big force of dog guards and surround this human being defendant in his cave, arrest him, and carry out the law of the kingdom upon him.I immediately prepared the force under my leadership and we headed to the cave of the defendant. Thereafter, we surrounded and arrested him and we kept him in jail under tight security.


Fox Prosecutor:What condition did you find this defendant human when you arrested him?

The Wolf:We found him alone in this small cave, hiding and in seclusion.He was prostrating and praying to his Lord with tears in his eyes.Beside him there was a pile of books, papers, and pens.He did not resist, rather, he stood in front of us with dignity and courage as he did not care for our presence.


Fox Prosecutor:Did the defendant confess anything when he was faced with the charges?


The Wolf:Yes, he gave a full confession.He admitted in our preliminary interrogations with him that he is a human, son of a human father and mother.He confessed that he was hiding in that cave away from the eyes with the intention of avoiding the law that enforces him to change into an animal as everyone else in the kingdom.He had the intention of avoiding interaction with other animals, and to deal with them with arrogance, superiority, and vanity.He admitted that he was reading, thinking, and worshipping to his Creator.And that he has feelings, emotions, dignity, and principles.He claimed that he refuses oppression, injustice, and to live an undignified life.He admitted that he believes in morals, values, spirituals, and what is beyond the materialistic things.He abides by good behavior, ethics and does not pay much attention to the materialistic things.He believes in resurrection and accountability after death.He talks about silly things that have become extinct since long time ago.Such things that we have successfully wiped out and got rid of and by that our animal kingdom got peace and rest.


Fox Prosecutor:Silly things like what, Mr. Wolf?


The Wolf:Silly and meaningless topics such as mercy, bashfulness, prominence, justice, honor, dignity, chivalry, pride, mind, wisdom, generosity, asceticism, love, affection, loyalty, self-respect, boldness for the sake of truth, peacefulness, equality between all, elevating the position of humanity above animalism, and this is the worst of what he confessed!


Fox Prosecutor:Did he give these stunning confessions under the influence of any force, pressure, terror, or torture?


The Wolf:Of course not, he offered that information voluntarily and by his own free will in the presence of many witnesses and he signed on these confessions.So, we were not in need to force, pressure, terrorize, torture, or bite him.After that, he completely refused to cooperate with us in the process of changing him to an animal like us as the law states.He fiercely rejected all attempts made to convince him of that, and he insisted on remaining human, thereby refusing to abide by the law.


Fox Prosecutor:Nothing else and thank you, Mr. Wolf.No more questions, Your Honor.


Bear Judge:Mr. Parrot Lawyer, would like to question the witness?


Parrot Lawyer:Yes, Your Honor (he stands up)


Parrot Lawyer:Mr. Wolf, was a medical examination conducted on the mental integrity of my client through specialized animal physicians?


The Wolf:Yes. Dr. Hippopotamus, the head of the Mental and Psychological department in the Animal Medical Center have examined him with the help of Dr. Owl, the specialist in Mental and Psychological health in the Animal University.


Parrot Lawyer:And what came in their report regarding the result of their examination to my client?


The Wolf:They have reached the conclusion that the defendant has delusions, illusions, schizophrenia, and paranoia.They also confirmed that he has depression as a result of that.They claim that his refusal to become an animal is because of his envy and jealousy from their great materialistic achievements.And because he was unable through his humanity, spirituality, morality, and all these things to achieve what they have achieved through their materialism.So, he feels weak and powerless in front of them.Finally, the medical report concludes that the human defendant is insane and ill both mentally and psychologically.


Parrot Lawyer:Thank you, Mr. Wolf, I have no more questions.(He sits down)


Bear Judge:Thank you, Mr. Wolf, and you may be dismissed.You can call on your next witness, Mr. Fox prosecutor.


Fox Prosecutor:The prosecution calls upon Mr. Monkey to testify


Frog Bailiff: (hops in the air and yells) Mr. Monkey!


(The monkey enters and takes the witness stand after giving oath, while he is laughing and waving with his hand)


Fox Prosecutor:Mr. Monkey, do you know the defendant who is sitting in the cage?


The Monkey:(looks at him closely and laughs) Yes, I know him, I know him very well.


Fox Prosecutor:How did you know him and what do you know about him?


The Monkey:My home is in close proximity to his cave.This means that were neighbors.Whenever I used to see him, I would try to get to know him and get closer to him, because as you see, I resemble him and we share similar physical characteristics and attributes.However, he used to always distant himself from me and elevate himself over me and he would avoid my attempt to get closer to him.And when I remind him that we are similar to each other, he would become outraged and say that he possesses a mind by which he thinks and contemplates.He claims that he has morals, values, manners, ethics, feelings, and emotions, while I am enslaved to my lower desires.He says that I have not mind and I know nothing about manners, morals, mind, or spirituality, and that there is no any similarity between us.He used to live alone and isolated away from other animals.


Fox Prosecutor:And how did he spend his time?


The Monkey:He used to spend most of his time either worshipping his Creator, thinking, reading books, writing, or talking to himself.


Fox:Did you ever ask him one day about the reason of his isolation?


The Monkey: Yes, and he mentioned to me that he fears upon himself from the laws and injustice of the animal kingdom and its system, rulers, and people.He fears that they will request him and try to make him an animal like them and he strongly refuses that.I have told him numerous times jokingly that, "If you were ordered to become an animal, which animal would you choose to be?There is no doubt that you will become a monkey like me because you resemble me.Ē(Ha ha ha)However, he would answer angrily saying that he prefers death as a human rather than being an animal.He added that he will resist that with all his strength and nobody will enforce that upon him and he claimed that his Lord will help him.

Fox Prosecutor:Thank you Mr. Monkey, I have no further questions, Your Honor.


Bear Judge:Mr. Parrot Lawyer, do you have any questions for the witness?


Parrot Lawyer:Yes, Your Honor (he stands up and directs his words to the monkey). Mr. Monkey, you have mentioned to us a little while ago that this human, my client, used to live alone and isolated from the other animals.So, can any other sane animal do such act?


The Monkey:No of course not.We do not live alone in isolation; rather, we live in herds and groups.


Parrot Lawyer:You also mentioned to us that he used to spend his time either in worship or contemplation, or reading and writing or conversating with himself.So, would a sane animal like us perform such acts?


The Monkey:Of course not!We don't read or talk to ourselves or contemplate.All of our time is dedicated only to satisfy our lower desires through hard work until we get tired and sleep.Then, we wake up and continue the same routine.This is our materialistic life which serves our lower desires, by which we are able to reach all that materialistic technological development you see today.We live only for ourselves, our animalistic lives, our lower desires, our rest and comfort, and nothing else.That is the key to our materialistic success.By doing so, we are smart, while such extinct and arrogant humans are insane and the abnormal without a doubt!


Parrot Lawyer:Thank you, I have no further questions.


Bear Judge:Thank you Mr. Monkey, you may be dismissed.


(The monkey descends from the witness stand while waving to the defendant in the cage.He laughs and says, "You will soon be a monkey like me and you will become wise and smart, so abandon your madness!" The rest of the animals laugh on the monkey's comments and funny gestures while the human defendant yells from his cage, "I refuse to become a monkey like you!ĒAnd he repeats that)


Bear Judge:Oh Fox Prosecutor, please call your next witness.


Fox Prosecutor:The prosecution requests Mr. Bull for testimony.


Frog Bailiff: (jumps in the air and yells)Mr. Bull, you may enter!


(The Bull enters with an exhausting look on his face from hard work and effort.He takes the witness stand after giving the oath.Then he sighs and gives his characteristic sound which indicate his boredom).


Fox Prosecutor:Mr. Bull, do you know this human defendant inside the cage?


The Bull: (sighs) Yes, I know him.We were friends one day, but that was a long time ago.


Fox Prosecutor:And what do you know about him?


The Bull:He was a kind-hearted and devout human being who worships his Creator.But he used to use his mind a lot, much more than necessary!Because of that, we differ with each other.


Fox Prosecutor:How did you differ with each other?


The Bull:As you know, I love work and work only.And my best interest is my top priority.I don't like to waste any time in thinking, contemplating, worshipping, observing, gaining knowledge, education, learning, reading, etc.For I am a bull; I work and toil and move around and carry and pull and push, work, eat, and mate.Then I work and workÖthis is my lifestyle which is full of labor for the sake of satisfying my lower desires like food and mating.I don't have any time for the mind and its function and desires.Work to me is the goal and the means and working hard for others is my life.I don't know anything else, so long as I sleep satiated and am not sexually deficient.As for him, he likes to use his mind a lot and he has logic, principles, manners, and ideas.He dedicates his life and energy to these things and they are more important to him than anything else.Work to him is directed and controlled by what his mind dictates.So, he does not work for something unless his mind is convinced of it first, and accepts its logic and thought, and approves of its principles and does not displease his Creator.His work is controlled by his thought, logic, worship, and principles.He does not care about the desire of the stomach or the body, and here we differ with each other.He does not obey, follow, or serve any master except whom his mind and thought accepts.As for me, I am a slave to whoever enslaves me, and I am an obedient servant to my employer and anyone who and feeds me and fulfills my desires most.


Fox Prosecutor:You testify that he loves to use his mind a lot and that means that he is not insane, which is contrary to what the defense claims.


The Bull:He is insane from our point of view as animals, but sane from the point of view of humanity which he belongs to.


Fox Prosecutor:And why was your relationship severed?


The Bull:He used to always attack me and accuse me that I blindly work and never use my mind.And that I am only slave to my desires.And that I am servant to whoever uses me, without thinking who is directing, using, or benefiting from my work and labor.I used to be annoyed from that attack and he used to embarrass and hurt me by that.Actually, I admit that I used to envy him to the point that I started hating him.So I stayed away and abandoned him.


Fox Prosecutor: What are his views regarding our animalistic world?


The Bull: He totally despises our world with all its values and characteristics, if it has any.He feels superior to us and always takes pride that Allah (SWT) blessed him with a mind that controls his desires.Hence, they are under his feet and he has control over it, and it does not have control over him like it does with us.He takes pride in knowing his Creator and obeys and worships Him through knowledge and understanding.And so he completely rejects our way of life and animalistic world, and he refuses to change into one of us or be like us.


Fox Prosecutor:Thank you Mr. Bull.I have no more questions, Your Honor.


Bear Judge:Defense, do you have any questions for the witness?


Parrot Lawyer: (walking towards the witness) Oh Mr. Bull, based on your acquaintance with that human being, tell us your opinion about him as an animal and as a bull.Is he insane or is he sane?


The Bull:My opinion about him is the same as any animal.I consider him to be foolish and extreme in using his mind.Therefore, to me he is not sane and I don't consider him to be a role model who deserves to be respected and imitated.


Parrot Lawyer:Thank you Your Honor, I do not have any further questions.


Bear Judge: Thank you Mr. Bull.You may be dismissed now.Please call your next witness, Mr. Prosecutor.


Fox Prosecutor:The prosecution calls upon Mr. Pig for testimony.


Frog Bailiff: (jumps up in the air and yells with his characteristic voice) Mr. Pig! Mr. Pig!


(The pig enters as he sniffs and shakes his bodily fat and searches for any food crumb or garbage on the floor.Then he takes the oath and climbs the witness stand, but he is still sniffing the ground).


Fox Prosecutor:Mr. Pig, do you know that human defendant who is inside the cage?


The Pig: I know him, I know him very well.He is my worst enemy!He is my absolute opposite!


Fox Prosecutor: What do you mean by that?


The Pig: I mean that we are totally opposite and contradicting to each other in everything.He is a human being while I am an animal.He has a spirit, feelings, and emotions, while I do not know any of those.He likes cleanliness, while I like filthiness.He doesn't like crumbs, and I look only for crumbs.He disposes the garbage and is disgusted from it, while I consider it to be my food and home.He likes spirituality and highness, while I love materialism and lowliness.He is superior while I am inferior.He has other concerns that are not food or drink, while my concern is only food, drink, and lower desires.He searches for the purified and clean sustenance, while I don't like purity or cleanliness, and I eat everything and anything and I don't care.He is slave to his Creator, while I am slave to my lower desires and wishes.He wastes his time in thinking, reading, worshipping, and contemplating, while I spend my whole life searching and seeking for crumbs, filth, and rubbish.He looks at his life in the Hereafter and believes and works for it.On the other hand, I live my day and hour and do not work except for them.I work only for my world that is in front of my eyes.He is disgusted from me and hates to look at me, while I pay no attention to him at all!Searching for garbage in the waste disposals and filth take up all of my time and use up my whole life.I don't have time for such human being and his thoughts, principles, and values!


Fox Prosecutor:Do you know what his feelings and opinions are regarding our animalistic life?


The Pig:I donít know and I donít care.And I hope you notice that you have already taken two precious minutes from my time in which I didnít look for any crumb, nor did I lick any shoe, nor did I did look at any garbage.And that makes me very nervous, and I consider it to be wasted time, so please hurry up!Please!


Fox Prosecutor:Thank you, I have no more questions.


Bear Judge:Defense, do you have any quick questions for the witness?


Parrot Lawyer: One quick question, Mr. Pig.Would you say to us that there is a long-lived hatred and animosity between you and that human defendant?


The Pig:Yes sir, there is an eternal animosity.


Parrot Lawyers: (directing his words to the judge) I question the credibility of that witness, your Honor.He admitted that he has prior animosity to my client.Therefore, he is not fit to testify against him because he is biased due to his previous animosity to the human.


Bear Judge:That is left for the jurors to decide, Oh Parrot Lawyer.Thank you, Mr. Pig.You may now be dismissed and return quickly to your crumbs and garbage.


The Pig:Thank you (he descends quickly as his nose is touching the ground and heís busy sniffing and looking.Then he raises his head to glance at the human defendant in the cage.Then he proceeds happily while sniffing and dragging his fats towards the door).


Bear Judge:Mr. Fox, you may summon your next witness.


Fox Prosecutor:We call on Mr. Donkey for testimony.


Frog Bailiff: Mr. Donkey may come in, Mr. Donkey may enter!


(The donkey enters with humbleness, then he releases his characteristic sounds which shakes the courtroom.Then he suddenly stops and does not continue on.One of the dog guards gives him a mean look, so the donkey hurries up and walks toward the witness stand after taking the oath).


Fox Prosecutor:Oh Donkey, do you know that human defendant in front of you?


The Donkey:What human being?I do not see except animals.


Fox Prosecutor:That which is present in the cage in front of you.

The Donkey (takes out his glasses to wear them) Oh yes, I know him.And how happy I am right now that you placed him in the cage!His ancestors before him used to put the animals in cages and watch them.So, now his turn has come to be in the cage while we watch him!

Fox Prosecutor:What do you know about him, Mr. Donkey, and how did you get to know him?


The Donkey:I used to work with his father, and that person used to make a paradigm out of me in stupidity because I don't use my mind.He would accuse me that I do not have any etiquette, feelings, or emotions.He would object to my seriousness in work and naivety and my lack of exhaustion, my excessive eating, drinking, and satisfaction of my lower desires.And my sudden discontinuation of work sometimes due to mood swings.He used to take pride over me that he uses his mind and by that, he is more intelligent than me and more understanding.He takes pride that he has feelings, etiquette, taste, emotions, and manners.And that he is well-mannered and knows when to work and whom to work for, and when he should rest, and he doesnít need anyone to drive or hit him.He can identify his enemy from his friend, unlike me who donít know whom he works for or whom to take as friend.


Fox Prosecutor: What do you know about his opinion regarding our animalistic world?And why do you think he refuses to change into an animal like us?


The Donkey: He hates the animalistic lower desires and despises materialism.He refuses to be anything except a human being who has a mind and worships his Lord and contemplates about the things around him.He refuses to be slave to his lower desires or to serve others like us.That's why I know that he doesnít accept and will never accept to live our lifestyle or become one of us.


Fox Prosecutor:From your point of view, do you consider him to be sane, or insane?


The Donkey:I donít know.In order for me to know, I would have to think, and I donít have any mind and I donít want or like the process of thinking and pondering, debate, and dialogue.For I am only a donkey who works and does labor, serve and carry (give rides), have patience and obey everyone.Whatís important to me is that I eat, drink, and mate.So, whoever guarantees these things to me, I am his slave and servant and I work for him and obey him.If he hits me more, I obey him even more and I make him my master even more, and I serve him even more and this is my lifestyle.


Fox Prosecutor:I do not have any further questions.Thank you, Your Honor.


Bear Judge:Defense, do you have any questions to ask?


Parrot Lawyer:I have no questions, your Honor, as the witness has admitted that he is a donkey who doesnít know what heís saying and doesnít have a mind.Therefore, there is no value to his words or testimony.I leave that for the respected animal jurors to judge.


Bear Judge:Oh Fox Prosecutor, do you have any other witnesses?


Fox Prosecutor:No your Honor, and we are satisfied with what we heard from these witnesses.


Bear Judge:Do you have any witnesses, Oh Parrot Lawyer?


Parrot Lawyer: No Your Honor, for the case is clear and is not in need for any witnesses.My client is mentally disturbed and that is obvious from the testimony of the witnesses whom the Fox Prosecutor himself presented.


Bear Judge:Then you may begin, Oh Fox Prosecutor, to present your closing statement against the defendant. (The Fox stands up in front of the jurors and speaks)


Fox Prosecutor:Dear respected jurors.You have heard the witnesses for yourselves and heard the defendant how he adamantly revolts and refuses to carry out the laws of the animal kingdom which our King Lion and Great Tiger issued and was approved by the Animal Legislative Council representing all the animals in the kingdom.These laws were not established and placed except for the best interest of all animals.So, disobeying them is against our best interest.You are now responsible of carrying out these laws and punishing anyone who disobeys them, as the law decrees.Whoever deviates from our animalistic life, rejects it and is arrogant over it, doesnít deserve our mercy or compassion.If we allow such behavior to continue, we will see more of the remains of this extinct arrogant race rebel against us and return back to their humanity.They will return to their thoughts, ideas, excessive use of minds, control over their lower desires, morals, spirituality, ethics, and common sense, etc. from such things which we suffered from a lot before.They will corrupt our kingdom.Materialism and materialistic lower desires alone should rule!And whoever does not accept it and work for it has no place among us.This man has one of two choices and no third option!Either he lives and abides by our laws.Or he ends his life and departs away from us.This is the law and we don't want this man to be a role model imitated by others.He is dangerous and we must amputate him from the start!You carry this responsibility in front of this kingdom and I now request you to give a guilty verdict to him and carry out law code # 645 and change him to an animal by force by one bite from the earthly snake.It is waiting your orders and looking forward to carry out the sentence.Don't be fooled by the claim of the defense that the defendant is insane.This is a lie aimed to deceive you.Here is the defendant in front of you completely sane!His crime is that he uses his mind too much, so how is he insane?That is ridiculous!Yes, using his mind excessively is considered to be insanity based on our laws.But it is a type of insanity that doesnít make the defendant unaccountable in front of the law.Otherwise, we will see more of this madness in the future!It is your responsibility to carry out the order of your King and Master and to protect your animalistic society from this arrogant man.Thank you, Your Honor.

Bear Judge:Mr. Parrot Lawyer, you may begin in presenting your closing statement. (The human defendant stands up inside the cage and yells out loud)


Human defendant:No! No, I will defend my self!I did not hire any animal to defend me and t is my right to have the last word in my case.


The Bear Judge:Are you sure that you are able to do that and carry full responsibility for the consequences?


Human defendant:Yes, I take full responsibility for that.


Bear Judge:Then you may start your final presentation defending yourself. (The human faces the animal jurors and directs his words to them).


Human defendant:Oh worldly and materialistic animals who follow your lower desires!Listen to what I'm going to tell you and think about it and use your minds, even for once.I am not the person who is in the cage of the defendant.Rather, it is you and your lifestyle and your kingdom!I do not hate you nor am I arrogant over you, as the cunning fox claims.But I hate your lifestyle and behavior.I hate your materialism and your denial to your minds and following your lower desires.I hate your surrender to the leadership and oppression and directions of others.I hate your lack of dignity and weakness in front of your materialism and lower desires.I despise your senseless life which lack any emotions, values, principles, morals, and ethics.I hate your rush to your world with all your might and making it your most important concern.I hate your neglect of worshipping your Lord and Creator, and what is going to come after death, resurrection, and the hereafter.I hate your worshipping of your lower desires, ambitions, greediness, and everything that is materialistic in front of your eyes.And your lack of using of your minds!I hate your blind imitation and your running in groups and herds after any caller who will lead you and so you follow him blindly.I hate your surrender, obedience, and respect to those who hit you more, offend you and step over you, so long as youíll benefit from them in one way or another and satisfy your animalistic lower desires.I hate when you forget that you possess soul, morals, and mind.I hate that you only serve those who fulfill your materialistic needs and so you are sincere to them.Y, you avoid He (SWT) who created you and gave you life with everything in it, and guaranteed your sustenance and life.

††††††††† You want me to be like you and live your lifestyle and change into one of you?No way, this will never take place, even if you cut me into pieces, or bite me, or isolate me, or prevent me from food, drink, and air! Being human is much more better and dignified, and preferable to me a million times than living your animalistic lifestyle in which I sleep, wake up, work, eat, drink, play, mate, reproduce, buy, sell, own, enjoy, rest, then sleep, and wake, work, eat, drink, play, and so on and so forth till the end of my life.No, Allah (SWT) did not create me for that, for He (SWT) gave me a mind and distinguished me with it over all animals so that I make my life different from them.I should think, contemplate, read, learn, educate myself, gain knowledge, worship, discuss, search, discipline myself, taste, have manners, feelings, sensations, and emotions so that I come to know my Creator and His Capability.And so I worship, love, and obey Him even more.Hence, I became His representative on Earth.I would take Him as the Supreme King and Great Master.So I rule on His earth with justice and do good in it.I donít follow the way of the corrupt; rather, I fight and resist them.Your animalistic way of life and your following to your materialism and worship to other than Allah (SWT), such as your feeble lion and your weak tiger is considered to be corruption on Earth.As you see, me and your animalistic world are total opposites and are in continuous and restless conflict and struggle, and this is my role in life.So, how can I accept to change into an animal like you who only lives to satisfy his pleasures, materialism, enjoyment, and lower desires?I will never surrender as you did before to the laws and rules of the animalistic society, under the leadership of a lion, a tiger, a leopard, or even a dinosaur!I remind all of you, oh jurors that you yourselves were human one day and people like me.Even this Bear Judge and that fox prosecutor and this parrot lawyer and those dog guards and their chief, the wolf!All of you and these witnesses were humans at one point in time, but you surrendered to the laws and rules of the animal kingdom and you feared its lion, tiger, and its beast.So you willingly accepted to be changed into animals.Each one of you chose to change into an animal that is most closest to his personality.So one chose to become a donkey, another chose to become a bear, another a dog, another a wolf, another a fox, or pig, another a bird, or alligator, whale, pigeon, peacock, turtle, duck, goat, and elephant.

††††††††† You all surrendered and became animals and lived like animals.You abandoned your minds and denied your humanity. You forgot your manners, principles, feelings, dignity, and the blessings which Allah (SWT) gave you over others, and that is the mind and the process of thought.You went on enjoying, taking pleasure, following your lower desires, imitating, allowing yourselves to be led like any animal, and work in service of others.The lower desires controlled you, so you gave up dignity and accepted to be hit and offended.So why all that when Allah the Creator have liberated you from animalism by giving you minds, feelings, morals, and dignity.You left what your Lord preferred you with, and instead, you chose to live like animals.You even became worst than real animals!You changed into something that is neither human nor animal.You chose your worldly life while forgetting your Hereafter.You wear animal masks and live an animalistic life.What injustice you have committed to yourself?!God chose to elevate you, but instead you chose to put yourselves down by your own hands.He (SWT) chose to dignify you, but you preferred scorn and contempt.He wanted to make you representatives on earth, but you rejected that and instead, accepted the life of following and imitating.So don't be surprised that God becomes angry on you, increase your animalism, and make you become monkeys and pigs, and every type of animal which you prefer to be.God lowered you like animals and let you live their lifestyle and die like their deaths.Shame on you that you accepted contempt and refused dignity!You accept those who put you down and hit you and attack you, and you worship and obey them.But refuse your Lord and creator and He (SWT) who is merciful to you and honored you!You accept lowliness and refuse highness.You replace the mind with lower desires, and the process of thought with pleasure, knowledge with ignorance, the hereafter with the life of this world, and God with others.So curse be upon you and your choices!Look at what you are at as you have become animals after you were human.Is there not a wise man among you?I wonder how you judge the matters!How did you accept that voluntarily and why do you not resist and hold on to your uniqueness over all the other animals and why do you descend to their level?And that was not enough for you; rather, you indulged in that by establishing laws for the animal kingdom and carrying them out and working for it!And here you are forming a court to try me and force me to become an animal like you!As if you are true animals, and you compete to carry out the order of your scorned Lion King and your weak Tiger Master!Aren't you doing that out of hypocrisy to him so that perhaps he will raise you in his animal kingdom or praise you or give you some of his blessings.Maybe you'd get a great position, higher post or a promotion which guarantee you more lower desires, better pleasure, more comfort, more food, more drink, spacious home, softer clothes, greater power and authority.Or do you do it out of envy and animosity to me since I refused what you accepted and resisted what you surrendered to?So you choose to destroy my will and force me to be like you, so that I don't stand as witness against you and example in front of your eyes to what you were supposed to be.But you lost that opportunity to resist and lost yourselves along with it.

††††††††† Isn't it better for you to join me and take off these animal masks from your faces and return to your dignified human reality which God willed for you before it is too late and death comes to you?At that point, you will die in your animal form that you chose by your own free will.You will not find anything except suffering and punishment in your Hereafter.By that, you will have tasted torture twice, both in the life of this world and the Hereafter.Your rulers and leaders have misguided you and led you to believe that real humanity is bad and is something which cause your suffering and collapse.They persuade you to believe that the solution is to abandon these human values and return to pure materialism since the solution and highness is in it.You believed them and took their way.So did you truly find the solution and highness in abandoning humanity and following pure materialism?Are you more happy now?Yes, you may be more developed materialistically, however, are you more happy than your ancestors who clinged on to their humanity and did not become materialistic animals like you?Or were they more happy than you?I leave the answer for your conscience and minds, that is, if you have any.

††††††††† Take off your animalism!Revolt and return to your humanity before it is too late!Save your children from that fate, for God has created humanity and made it the best, most dignified, beautiful, better, elevated, and more loved than animalism.As for me, I will stay in my human form and your snakebite will not succeed in poisoning me and destroying my mind and arousing my low desires.Do you know why?That is because I sought the help of my Lord to protect me, and He (SWT) will protect me from it by His power and will protect me from the filthy, despised, and animalistic life.So, there is no way to reach me.Either I live as a human being who worships God as an honorable dignified representative to Him on His Earth and continue to resist animalism and preach for humanity, lordship, and slavery to God.Or I die as a human and live as God want for me to live and die as God want me to die.A human who is a true believer, worshipper, representative on earth, struggler, and who refuses to worship or obey anything but God, and who follows his mind and thinking only.One who never follows his lower desires or become enslaved by materialism, or imitate or be led or serve others.If I live this way, what a great life it would be!And if I died in that way, what a happy death it would be!In both cases, I will attain the pleasure and satisfaction of God and I will be the winner in the Hereafter, God willing.

††††††††† Oh human animals, or animalistic humans, leave me alone!I am not from you and you are not from me.I am a human being, yes, I am a man!And I will continue to be a man no matter how much you try, pressure, or threaten me.I will never be like you!My way is not your way, my life is not your life, and my path is not your path!You have accepted to become merely animals, your Lord is yourselves, your religion is your lower desires, and your way is your materialism and earthliness.

††††††††† But I am a man!My Lord is God who is my creator and yours too.He (SWT) created me to distinguish me from you.And He (SWT) appointed me as His representative to rule over you and fix what you disrupted.So if I am able to accomplish my mission and role, I will certainly do so.If I am not able to, then I will resist you and advice you.And if I am not able to do that, then I will abandon you and isolate myself from you.If you attack me, I will fight you until either you get rid of me or I get rid of you.There is no peace or armistice or common grounds between you and me, as religion is against animalism, and the worship of God is contrary to materialism.Long ago when God created earth, animals like you which were even stronger than you lived in it.They worshipped their lower desires and materialism and they lived for that sake.So they corrupted earth and shed blood and ate each other alive such that injustice became the norm.By His mercy, God willed to cleanse His earth from them and appoint a representative to repair and do good, and establish justice, and get rid of materialism and animalism.He (SWT) requested man to worship Him and raises His Word on earth.He (SWT) provided him with a mind to control his lower desires and think with it.By that, he would be stronger than all of the animals on earth and would be a master on them.He would rule over them even though they have canines, claws, and strong muscles.Then, God sent the messengers and religions to him so that they can know his purpose and role in life to guarantee his success.But, unfortunately, the human betrayed the trust and discontinued his mind and thought process.He followed his desires and worshipped himself and imitated the animals whom he should rule over and protect the earth from their evil.He disbelieved in God and was unthankful to His bounties.He abandoned God's rule and instead corrupted and committed injustice and shed blood, so he became like the worst of animals.This is you and this is your situation that you are in.May God's curse be on the unjust and the corrupt, and the nonbelievers who betrayed the trust of successorship and turned back on their heels!As for me, I will stay in my humanity and I will not betray my Lord.I will not abandon my role or turn back on my heels like you.Rather, I will keep my promise with my Lord as I perform my role to the best of my ability until the end of my life.This is my final statement, so make up your mind and do whatever you please.I rely on God who is my Lord and your Lord.And I seek His refuge against your evil and injustice.Praise be to God, the Lord of All Worlds!

††††††††† So make whatever judgment you want.You will only be ruling in the life of this world.Whoever meets His Lord as a criminal, there will be Hell-Fire for him where he doesn't die in it or rest.And whoever meets Him as a believer who performed good deeds, he will attain a high degree in Paradise where he eternally lives.And that is the reward of those who purify themselves.


(There is murmur in the audience and the Wolf, Chief of the Police, hurries to whisper something in the ears of the Fox Prosecutor, and then he leaves quickly.The Bear Judge moves uncomfortably in his seat and the animal jurors look at each other).


Bear Judge:The court is adjourned for jury deliberation so they can return with their verdict after half an hour.Then he struck the bar in front of him and the frog bailiff yelled out, "The court is adjourned for deliberations."


Frog Bailiff: (jumps up in the air and calls out) The court is in session!


(The bear judge entered slowly and signs of worry were on his face.Then the animal jurors entered, one after the other, as they sluggishly dragged their feet and took their seats.The fox was in his place and stress and hesitation was apparent on him.The wolf, who is the chief of police and minister of security, sat down eager to act and his eyes gave off a scary glitter while he was looking around here and there.The audience was sitting in complete silence and gloominess.It is noted that there was a significant increase in the number of dog guards, with the presence of new types of fierce dogs which have sharp teeth and canines, and heavy bodies and prominent claws that were not present before).


Bear Judge:The court is in session.Respected jurors, did you reach a verdict?


The Jurors: (in one unanimous voice) Yes!


Bear Judge:What is your verdict?


The Jurors: (while taking off their animalistic masks and costume).Our verdict is that the human defendant is not guilty and that he is innocent.We also decided to return back to our humanity once again and take off the animal costumes.(Suddenly they were human once again!Chaos spread between the attendants and here, the wolf stood up as his eyes sparked with evil and he shouted)


The Wolf:My great Lion King ordered me to restore the order and security in the court immediately.So dog guards, move right away to your positions!Judge, please end this silly and ridiculous scene now!


(The dog guards move in every place while showing their canines and they surround the jurors, judge, and the attendants.But, the human defendant stands in his cage and shouts out loud).


Human defendant:God is greater than you!Come on, Oh Wolf, reveal your ugly face and the ugly face of your scorned master!Common on, Oh dog guards, reveal your ugly faces!This is the justice of the animal kingdom.You rule with iron and fire and do not recognize freedom.You don't ever accept that the truth become known and revealed.And that people stop their animalism and return back to humanity and highness.May the curse of God be upon you!Oh Wolf, did you forget that you too were also human!Why don't you follow the steps of the jurors and admit the truth and return back to your humanity and stop your animalism?What will your lion and tiger masters give you in exchange for you being a puppet and serving them?Oh dog guards, did you forget that you too were originally human, but you accepted to become dogs who guards the animalistic authorities and their conspiracies and plans against humanity, in exchange for a few bones and food thrown to you?Isn't it time for you to wake up and let your canines, bodies, and claws be in service of the truth, justice, and reality, and worshipping of God on His Earth?



The Wolf: (outraged) Shut up, Oh defendant!Keep silent!Oh colored snake, I hereby issue an order to you in the name of our great Lion King to bite him with your poisonous bite to change him to an animal involuntarily!And to destroy his mind and arouse his materialistic lower desires!


(The colored snake crawls and enters the cage as it coils its body around and sticks out its tongue in preparation to perform the task.But, the human resists its twisting around him and its attack against him, while he shouts loudly)


Human defendant:"No, I will not become an animal!No, I will not become an animal!I am a human!And I will continue to be a human by the will, order, and power of God!")

(Finally, the colored snake succeeds in biting the man with its poisonous bite.It quickly leaves the cage.Everyone anxiously waits for the result.They wait for the man to change into an animal.They wait and wait.But nothing happens.The man is lying exhausted on the ground.After awhile, he hardly pulls himself up and stands on his feet.He shouts out loud again)


Human defendant:Praise is to God!Your bite and your conspiracy failed!God have saved me and protected me by His Grace and Care.So, it did not have any effect.Rather, it only increased my humanity and worship to my Lord.It also increased my faith and love to Him.Here I am in front of you!So what do you say now as you have seen the miracle of your Lord?


(Chaos spreads and some of the attendees also start to remove their animal costumes and masks, and so they turn back to becoming real humans once again. Here, the Wolf became infuriated and he whispered something in the ears of the fox.  Then he issued an order and yelled...)


The Wolf:Oh dogs, by the order of our Great Lion King and our great Tiger Master, and for the sake of preserving our animal kingdom and its developments, advancements, prosperity and materialism, I order you to attack this man and to kill him and put an end to this mischief in its beginning, before it enlarges and widespread!And before our reign comes to an end!So go ahead and attack this arrogant, corrupted, and envious man now!Jump and cut him into pieces!


(Immediately, the dogs rushed towards the cage and jumped on the man, while he resisted them as much as he can.He prayed to his Lord and pronounced his testimony.The attack of the dogs increased, with their sharp teeth, claws, and canine.Blood splattered here and there.Other animals participated in attacking the poor man.A donkey kicked him, the bull butted him, the eagle pecked him, and the pig laughed and mocked at him.The shark worked his teeth on the man's flesh while the dogs cut him into pieces.The poor and helpless man repeatedly kept on saying the following statement).


Human defendant:There is no God but Allah (SWT) alone who has no partner or associate.Muhammad is His servant and messenger.We belong to God and to Him we shall return.By the Lord of the Kaaba, I have won!On the way of Ali and on the path of Husain!Praise is to Allah (SWT), the Lord of all Worlds!


Then he went on chanting as he fought and resisted...


Allah is with me, Allah is with me

Oh Self, be patient and do not become desperate!

Welcome to death but with dignity

Shame to luxury that does not benefit

Kingship goes away and money runs out

The life of this world is temporary and Allah (SWT) is All-Existing

In the life of this world, every corrupt person elevates

And in it, the Muslim believer suffers

The life of this world only gives it its dogs

And the seeker of Allah (SWT) refuses the life of pigs

The age passes by and the time of death approaches

The body withers and the grave is dark

Resurrection is coming and the Book is a witness

Seeking the life of this world is going astray and Allah (SWT) will reckon

So be patient Oh SelfÖin the obedience of God

For no one will attain salvation except the servants of the Creator

Oh life of this world, deceive someone else other than me

For I am not from you and you are not from me

Unjust human being and ignorant human being

His hobby is misguidance and hate of righteousness

Sick souls and weak hearts

Foolish minds and desires with no limit

Oh Self, give up that pleasure

And do not let nonsense and ornaments deceive you

For the world is nothing but a place of test

And life is nothing but a bridge and crossroad

So oh self, do not be influenced

A dream that will end and illusion that will terminate

So be convinced oh self and accept

The will of God and a fate that is destined

God is with you Oh self so be happy

And relax and be assured, for Allah (SWT) is my Savior

To Him is my refuge, To Him is my escape

To Him I will return, so Oh Self be happy

And whoever comes to his lord with a believing heart

And a patient self, so Paradise is my fate

A promise from Allah (SWT) and surely His promise is fulfilled

And Allah (SWT) does not ever break His Promise



††††††††† The man gave his last breathe and his voice stopped.The Wolf, the chief of the police and secretary of security, ordered to stop the attack.The dog guards stopped and returned back to their places as they were soaked with the blood of the human martyr who became a lifeless corpse that lost its features because of the fierce attack and biting.The Wolf turned to look at the panel of jurors and attendants.He found that they all put on their animalistic costumes and masks and changed back to their animalism once again.The Wolf then asked them sharply.


The Wolf:†† Was that stupid, crazy, and ignorant man guilty or not guilty?


The Jurors, Attendees, and Bear Judge:(all in one unanimous voice) Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!


(So the Wolf yelled out and chanted)


The Wolf:Long live the animal kingdom!Long live materialism!Long live our great Lion King!Long live our great Master Tiger!May our animalistic lifestyle persist!May our materialistic achievements continue! Death to the mind!Death to thinking!Death to wisdom! Death to feelings and emotions! Death to anyone who worships or obeys anyone other than our Lion King!Punishment and torture to anyone who refuses to be an animal!All the attendees repeat after him while the dogs surround them showing their canines and claws tainted with the blood of the human victim and martyr.


And the curtain comes down on that tragic incident!