In the Name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful




After praising and thanking Allah (SWT) and seeking His Help and Permission, we take this opportunity to start writing the articles of “Al Hewaarat” or “The Interviews”.


Al Hewaarat is simply a group of different ideas, opinions, and views about what happens around us.  They are presented in a simple manner and in a way that makes it easier for the writer to understand its meaning, while he enjoys reading and doesn’t feel bored.  At the same time, it transfers the reader to the scene of events itself so that he may understand in close proximity…and the idea becomes clarified to him…so that he may judge by himself over the contradicting opinions and struggling ideas…so that he may discover and decide for himself who is the winner…and on whom does the proof fall on…and who deserves sarcasm, criticism, rejection…and who deserves respect, acceptance, and abidance.


By that, we attempt to clarify some of the dangers (even they are simple) which the human ship may face in its journey of life.  We desire to shed some light on it so that it becomes apparent, the minds recognize it, and the eyes see it…after it became concealed and masked, in the midst of the events and darkness, and in the presence short sightedness and weak vision.


Al Hewarat is a chain of imaginary and illustrative meetings that takes place with individuals, or non-living things, or animals, or named things…which are all symbolic.  A dialogue and interview runs between the interviewee and the writer, and from these interviews, the ideas and opinions are displayed and light is shed upon them.  The final judgment over the results of these interviews and discussions is left for the reader himself.  We have attempted to make the matter interesting, enjoyable, and motivating for the thought process and an incentive for the reader to participate and consider new thoughts that are not traditional.  In doing so, he may discover afterwards many more thoughts which deserve to be considered and pondered over, instead of just seeking materialism and running after it day and night.  Once again, we seek the help and assistance of Allah (SWT) and we ask Him forgiveness if we did wrong, and acceptance and content if we did right.  And Allah (SWT) is the One who we seek His pleasure.