Humbleness is a noble human behavior that elevates its owner, and it is the opposite of arrogance.  It is to lower yourself to see it in its reality. 


Humbleness is a state of mind that gives birth to good manners and behavior in life.  It is necessary to be present in the Imam and ruler and it is a desired virtue that a believer should possess.


Humility to Allah (SWT) includes a group of manners and attributes which includes the following:



1)               That you see yourself as scorned and little in front of the greatness of Allah (SWT) and the greatness of His capability and attributes.


2)               That you be content with what Allah (SWT) gave you and not see yourself as deserving more that what was willed for you.


3)               That you don't see yourself being better than the people except by the extent of your faith and fear of Allah (SWT).


4)               That you remember your sins and deficiencies and occupy yourself with them before occupying yourself with the deficiencies of the people and their negative aspects.


5)               That you truly recognize that every bounty and blessing and position you have is from Allah (SWT) and not because you deserve it.


6)               That you recognize that all people are equal in front of Allah (SWT) and that they will be resurrected.  And that Allah (SWT) did not favoritize or prefer one person over the other in this life except by their test, examination and tribulations.


7)               That you like to sit with the poor, the needy, and the unfortunate.  That you befriend them, benefit them, and ask about their needs.  That you defend them and their cases and that you see yourself as one of them.


8)               That you remember your poverty and need on the Day of Judgment and live this state during the life of this world.


9)               That you do not go after your lower desires and pleasures.


10)         That you forgive the people, accept their apologies, have good thinking and be soft with them.


11)         That you do not mock anyone while thinking that you are better than him and that you don't backbite anyone.


12)         That you don't show pride in your family origin, ancestry or position or knowledge or money or children or any secular and materialistic thing.


13)         That you remember the bounties and blessings of Allah (SWT) and contemplate over His Greatness and Capability in everything surrounding you.  And that you take lessons from what happens in the world and what happens to the people so that you come to recognize the reality of this life and your position in it.


14)         That you love for the sake of Allah (SWT) and befriend for Him, and take others as brothers for Allah (SWT), regardless of the differences present.


15)         That you accept criticism, reprimand, and directions if it is the truth.


16)         That you admit and apologize if you make a mistake and that you return back the injustice that is committed to those whom you've committed injustice.


17)         That you despise sitting and befriending the rich, luxurious and the arrogant people.


18)         That you don't have vanity or be proud of what you have and that you don't show off or be conceited  or regret what you have lost.


19)         That you know and recognize that there is no power or strength for you except by Allah (SWT).


20)         That you take everything from Allah (SWT) that came through His Prophet (SA) and you act upon it and not be arrogant in doing so.




21)         That you dedicate your spirit, blood, money, and children for the sake of elevating the word of Allah (SWT) and pleasing Him.


22)         That you take as guardian those whom Allah (SWT) made as Imams and that you don't reject them.


23)         That you don't commit aggression or feel strength and power over people in such a way that they feel peace and comfort with you.


24)               That you remember the agonies of the Day of Judgment and weep in fear of Allah (SWT) and that you are bashful of Him.


25)               That you be thankful to all those who have done good to you and that you have good manners and behavior.


26)               That you are humble to your parents, siblings, kin and brothers in faith.


27)               That you don't feel proud of your deeds or worship, or think that you will enter Paradise because of them.


28)               That you don't seek dignity except from Allah (SWT) only.


29)               That you see your sins as great even if they are little, and you see your good deeds as little even if they are big.


30)               That you have patience, perseverance, and are thankful to Allah (SWT) in all situations.


31)               That you submit all your matters to Allah (SWT).


32)               That you don't abandon or refuse any job, mission, or task that Allah (SWT) assigned you, out of arrogance or conceit.


33)         That you ask for sustenance from Allah (SWT) alone and recognize that your destination is in His sole hands.


34)         That you lower your voice and walk gracefully and do not be arrogant over the people or walk in a conceited way.


35)         That you recognize that your talents, attributes, and abilities are from the bounties of Allah and His grace on you, and not because you deserve it or are worthy of it.


36)         That you distant yourself from extravagance, overspending, luxury, and that you be satisfied with little from your Dunya and that you be from the ascetic people.


37)         To minimize your hopes in this life and not anticipate to live until tomorrow and that you work for your Hereafter only.


38)         That you treat children, elderly, servants, and women in a gentle way.  That you don't harass those who ask for help, nor mistreat an orphan, and be grateful to Allah (SWT) and be outspoken about His bounties.


39)         That you feel angry only when the orders of for Allah (SWT) and His recommendations are being violated.


40)         That you worry yourself only in attaining the pleasure of Allah (SWT) in this life and to ensure a safe exit for yourself.