DAY 1 Good day. Suitable for meeting leaders & bosses, acheiving, necessities, selling, buying, planting, and traveling.  
  DAY 2 Suitable for traveling and acheiving necessities.  
  DAY 3 Bad, not suitable for anything.    
  DAY 4 Suitable for marriage. Not suitable for traveling.  
  DAY 5 Bad and has no luck.  
  DAY 6 Blessed , suitable for marriage, and acheiving necessities.  
  DAY 7 Blessed and choosable. Suitable for anything.  
  DAY 8 Suitable for anything except traveling.  
  DAY 9 Blessed, suitable for anything.  It is recommened for business traveling.  
  DAY 10 Suitable for everything, except facing authorities, especially recommended for buying and selling.  
  DAY 11 Same as 10th day.  
  DAY 12 Good, blessed day.  Necessities will be acheived, inshallah.  
  DAY 13 Continuous unlucky day.  
  DAY 14 Good for acheiving necessities and for any job.  
  DAY 15 Good for acheiving necessities.  
  DAY 16 Bad and not recommended for anything.  
  DAY 17 Good and choosable for anything. Necessities will be acheived. Godwilling.  
  DAY 18 Choosable, good for traveling, acheiving necessities, and standing against the enemy.  
  DAY 19 Choosable, and good for every job.  Newborn baby is blessed.  
  DAY 20 Good, choosable, and blessed for anything, inshallah.  
  DAY 21 Continuous, unlucky day.  
  DAY 22 Choosable and good for anything. Especially for doing business, facing authorities,traveling,and giving charity.  
  DAY 23 Choosable, and good for doing business and trading. It's also good for facing authority and for marriage.  
  DAY 24 Bad and unlucky day.  
  DAY 25   Bad and not recommended for anything.  
  DAY 26 Good for anything except marriage and traveling. It's suitable for giving charity.(sadaqah)  
  DAY 27 Good, choosable for acheiving necessities, facing authority, and doing anything you want.  
  DAY 28 Mixed. (Could be good or bad)  
  DAY 29 Choosable, and good for anything except writing. It's not recommended for acheiving necessities.  
    Anyone who travels in business may earn a lot of money.Anyone who gets sick on this day will be cured soon.  
  Day 30 Choosable/good for everything and every job.Especially for trading, planting, and marriage. A new born baby   
    on this day will be patient, blessed, truthful, and trustful, inshallah.  
    Source:  Makaremul Akhlaq, El Tabarsi, Pg. 474-475  
    Narrated by Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (A.S.)