The time…was in the middle of the night while the people are sleeping.  The place…was in a dream or a dream-like state.  Our meeting with him was an interesting and amazing one…and strange and scary.  He appeared to us suddenly from behind veils and curtains, after we stood and called out and waited for awhile.  We did not see him in his shape, but he was like a shadow or ghost.  He was surrounded by mystery and vagueness and sometimes arrogance.  He is not used to direct talk or public appearance.  Hence, there was anxiety in his words.  He fears from being written about, and he doesn’t like publicity.  He likes darkness and hates light.  If he is invisible, he is powerful and in control.  But if he becomes visible, he freezes as if he is a statue.

          We stood in front of him in humble and fear and we were separated by a few yards.  We greeted him, and then the following interview took place:


Author:  Would you allow us to have an interview with you, Oh subconscious mind?


The Subconscious Mind: There is no objection.  But leave a distance between you and me and do not come closer.  And don't try to remove the darkness that is surrounding me.  Or else I will immediately end the interview.  Is that clear?


Author:  That is very clear.  However, we will try to know more about you, without removing your darkness or interrupting your invisibility.  So do you promise us to be frank and truthful?


The Subconscious Mind:  Frankness is clarity.  And clarity means visibility.  And visibility is vision.  All that is not suitable to me.  But despite that, I promise you because I consider it to be the first and last time, and because you insisted to meet me.  And you stood for a long time knocking on my door, wishing to know my secrets.


Author: Thanks a lot.  Now, I’d like to ask you about your exact location on the body.  And do you have other names by which you are known with?


The Subconscious Mind:  My anatomical location is in the neurons of the brain and nerves.  The exact location is a secret of God which is not up to me to reveal!  My physiological location is in everyplace of the body, self, and spirit.  As for my other names, sometimes I am named insight, or conscience.   Sometimes, I’m referred to as the self or the subconscious mind.  And sometimes, my name is mixed with the heart, and my function along with it.  So, the matter has lot of confusion in naming.


Author:  Could you tell us about the nature of your function inside man?


The Subconscious Mind: I am the real motive behind the curtains.  I am the manufacturer and designer of words and actions.  I have the truth which should not appear.  I am the center of emotions without realizing it.  I have the secret of what is inside you.  And I am the secret keeper of your chest.  With me, you can think freely and you feel complete freedom with ideas and thoughts.  Then I have to choose what fits you from all of that.  So I accept or reject or advice.  Then based on that, I issue orders to you, so I make you happy or angry, joyful or sad.  I occupy your mind or keep you calm.  I make all that apparent on your face and tongue, and in your words and actions.  If you take a nap or sleep, I show that in your dreams.  I own yourself, your being, and your emotions.


Author:  What is the difference between you and the conscious mind?  And how can the mind become two, the self become two, and the being become two?


The Subconscious Mind: The conscious mind is controlled by sensation, by what is appropriate and what is inappropriate, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, what is Halal (permissible) and what is Haram (forbidden), and what is logical and what is illogical.  He works in the light and under illumination.  So, he is responsible in front of Allah (SWT) and in front of you, and in front of the people.  You can not discuss anything with him or negotiate with him in any field.  There are a lot of restrictions,  so his real authority over your feelings, emotions, body, facial and verbal expressions is limited.  Exactly as a king or president in some countries where he does not have any real power.  He is present for the protocols, rituals, and official situations and he is like some kings of Europe or the presidents of India or Turkey.  They are famous and have all the respect and carry the title.  But they are without any real authority or power.  He is like a husband who loves someone other than his wife.  He is her husband by name, appears with her in public, and thinks that he is her man.  She beautifies herself for her husband and goes out with him.  She eats and sleeps with him.  If she is asked about her husband, she mentions his name.  In the official occasions and in front of the people, he is her husband.  And her loyalty and sincerity is for him alone.  But in reality, he does not own anything from her except what the body owns from the earth after burial.

          As for me, I am the real ruler who controls everything including the tongue, muscles, nerves, feelings, and body organs.  So, the executive authority is for me although I am in darkness.  The conscious mind is the fake authority, although he is in the light.  If you understood what I have said, you will understand how a person is in reality two.  One of them is in light and the other is in darkness.  The first one is visible with many restrictions, while the second is invisible and has the real content, the essence, the motivation, the reality, and is the source of reactions.


Author:  I think I understand some things.  But I need to review your words alone and analyze it closely to understand more, and thank you for your clarification.  But does the conscious mind know of your presence?  What is nature of your relationship with him and how is it regulated?


The Subconscious Mind:  This depends on the person himself.  In most cases, the conscious mind is aware of my presence and admits it.  Sometimes he knows, but denies me. And other times, he does not seem to know or recognize me.  My relationship with him depends on the person himself.  Sometimes, both of us are in good terms and there is some understanding and unity with each other.  And other times, we contradict and are in conflict with each other.  In most cases, we agree and disagree depending on the nature of the topic or idea or desire.  Often times, we have dialogue with each other like the one you’re having with me.  We agree or disagree, cooperate or contradict, or we are in a state of 'no peace no war', but our relationship is always tinted with stress and tension.


Author:  What happens if you disagreed and each one of you insisted on his position?


The Subconscious Mind:  Each one of us practices his function and role even with our disagreement.  Here, what we call hypocrisy starts, and that is, that your conscious mind be different than what I would be.  But as I mentioned, the real authority over the feelings, emotions, reactions, actions, and statements is for me, for what I want, what I like, and what I decide.


Author: Is it true that you are the center by which the devil operates and give his whisperings, and that you are also the center of the lower desires, and personality diseases, etc?


The Subconscious Mind:  I work in darkness, and I have complete freedom and I don’t have any restrictions of any type as you know.  I have the true authority over a person.  So, it is no wonder that I have the centers and communications with the devil and the lower desires.  As for personality diseases, its c is the self, I reflect it, or I am a reflection to it.  Without me, sicknesses of the self such as envy, jealousy, grudges, selfishness, and hatred could not be manifested on your actions, emotions, reactions, statements, dreams, and so on.


Author:  From where do you derive your composition or your food?  And what determines your decision and capabilities?


The Subconscious Mind:  From the person himself, of course.  And his upbringing and raise.  And his traditions, habits, and what he learns in his childhood and early young age.  Also, his education, life experience, his readings, and his relationship with others.  And what he hears and what is narrated to him.  And from his level of wisdom and intelligence granted to him by God.  And from the nature of himself and his spirit.  And from the degree of his faith, his worship and sincerity in it.  And from the degree of his closeness to His Lord.  All of that determines the answer to your question.


Author:  Is there a relationship between you and some diseases, as they say?


The Subconscious Mind:  Of course, and much more than they say or think!  Many of the simple, complicated, and complex diseases are the result of performing my function, and the result of my conflict sometimes with the subconscious mind.  As I mentioned to you, I have control over the actions, reactions, feelings, and nerves.  Nerves, sir, control all your body organs and control the performance of these organs to their functions.  Hence, the relationship between me and many diseases is direct and it is no wonder that I am the main reason behind chronic headaches, insomnia (sleeplessness), indigestion, stomach and intestinal pain, constipation, diarrhea, muscle and joint ache, pain of the extremities, neuropathies, heart diseases, chest diseases, dyspnea, shortness of breath, palpitations, psychological disorders, skin conditions, dysfunctional sexual diseases, and also psychosomatic conditions.  Sometimes, I have influence over the speed of cure and recovery, and its occurrence or nonoccurrence.  Sometimes, if the conflict between me and the conscious mind intensifies, the person may think of committing suicide to get rid of pain and suffering which our conflict could cause to him and which he cannot say, mention, or confess.


Author:  At which time are you and the conscious mind in complete peace and agreement?


The Subconscious Mind:  That happens when the person is controlled by his lower desires, liberalism, foolishness, lack of wisdom, and if he is easy to follow and be driven.  In such case, we are unified, or you can say, the conscious mind totally surrenders to my complete authority and fuses with me, such that I become both the conscious and the subconscious together.  Such a person lives without conflict, is not inflicted with much illnesses, and lives in tranquility.  He is like an animal that follows all of his lower desires and is never ashamed of anything.


Author:  But when could the opposite happen? When could you get defeated and surrender to the conscious mind?


The Subconscious Mind:  That happens if a person truly believed and submitted to his Lord and came closer to Him.  Here, the light shines in himself and in his spirit.  Such light hurts me and lead to my degradation and weakness because I love darkness.  Little by little, I give up my authority and I surrender to the conscious mind which becomes stronger with wisdom, and with what he learns and knows about his lord, creator, and religion.  I give up everything to the conscious mind and I go in hiding.  However, I can regain my strength and power at any time if the person starts to distant himself from his Lord and change his direction.  Such a believer who forces me to submit to his mind and diminish my authority over him and resist me is a happy person.  He also lives without conflict, disease, or worry.  He enjoys peace of mind, but he is in the highest degree of humanity which your Creator desires for you.


Author:  Other than these two possibilities, what is the usual situation?


The Subconscious Mind:  The struggle is continuous, the friction is ongoing, and the competition is at its peak.  The conscious mind has control over the manifest and the exterior, while I have control over the hidden and the interior, including the words, actions, and feelings.  At times, I become strong, so I defeat him.  And at other times, he becomes strong and controls me.  Each of us carries out his function and performs his role.  It is a conflict that you are not aware of, but you feel its consequences such as anxiety, depression, worry, thought, disease, and pain.  You don’t know its cause or reason and you can’t pinpoint its source, but all of them are the result of our conflict and struggle.


Author:  Can you give me some examples?


The Subconscious Mind:  Did you see one day a man who accepted a job or took on a position based on the choice of his conscious mind, under pressure of circumstances or irresistible situation?  Then the person discusses the matter with me and shows his rejection and hate towards the job or situation because he desires something else.  I take the matter from here and carry out my role.  I start to conflict with the conscious mind.  So you find the man getting upset for a trivial reason and he creates problems in the workplace, with or without excuse.  He starts to suffer from sleeplessness, shaky hands, chronic headache, and loss of weight.  He may smoke excessively and nervously.  If you speak to him, anger shows in his speech because of his job or position which he took, and so on and so forth.

And did you ever see a wife who married a man, but she desires someone else and cannot discuss the matter openly.  So she resorts to me to fantasize in the world of her loved one, and she tells me her secret and I agree with her and take on a position.  My conflict with the conscious mind starts here.  The conscious mind holds on to the values and principles which I don't care about.  The result of this conflict between us shows on the poor wife who suffers all the time.  This suffering appears in the look of her eye and in her silence.  She becomes upset for the silliest of reasons and yells without reason.  I show her loved one in her dream and I let her see her husband as if he is a wolf!  I exaggerate his defects to her so she sees them as a mountain.  She frowns most of the time and is desperate of life and feels bored.  I turn her life into Hell and remind her of her loved one, till I make her hate her life.  When she talks, I display her anger and outrage upon her husband.  And I reveal her love to her loved one.  Between this and that, she becomes sick while she doesn’t realize the reason.  I am the reason and I am behind all of that despite my hidden place in the world of darkness.


Author:  But tell me, are you evil at all times as you try to portray yourself?


The Subconscious Mind:  No, no sir, do not misunderstand me.  Sometimes, I am the caller for the good, or the rebellion against an inappropriate situation.  Sometimes, I am the revolution against a bad husband or an oppressive ruler or an unfair situation.  Sometimes, I call for change to the better.  Sometimes, I reject a position taken by the conscious mind which serves the self interest and is unfair and unjust.  In such cases, they call me “the blaming self” (Al Nafs Al Lawama), which Allah (SWT) swore by in the Holy Quran, due to its importance and great value.  Here, I let the unjust person see his crime in his sleep.  And I let him worry about it day and night and make it apparent in front of his eyes.  I conflict with the mind until I turn his life into Hell, such that he becomes afflicted with worry and sickness.  I let him suffer until he wakes up and feels regretful.  Here, they call me the conscience (Dameer).  So I have my role and position, whether it is for the good or evil.  I am like an organ that performs its function in the body.  It may do bad or good and Allah (SWT) has created me for a particular wisdom which only He (SWT) knows.  He (SWT) created me also to test you through me with misguidance and guidance.


Author:  What will happen if the self recognizes you or if you became exposed to him?


The Subconscious Mind:  He will then become confused and the self will reject that.  He himself will refuse to expose me.  He will deny, become angry, and will try to cover me with a blanket of anger, until the situation passes safely and I keep my position hidden in darkness.  I am part of him, and neither he nor I accept that I reveal myself with my secrets in front of anyone.  You should then know that the person himself, not me, is the one who forces me to live in darkness.  So he does not accept for me to appear, in fear of humiliation or embarrassment of something that he doesn’t want anyone to know about.  Sometimes, the person denies my presence from the start and acts like a child.  So I am safe most of the time, unless the person is a believer and does not care about anyone but God.  Such a person does not become angry if I became exposed.  Rather, he is joyful when he learns of the reason and cause.  He puts an end to my conflict with the conscious mind and rules justly between us, as God taught him, and accept the will of God. As we mentioned before, he will then live a peaceful and quiet life without conflict, disease, or worry.


Author:  Can you tell us why they call you the "subconscious" or the "hidden" mind?


The Subconscious Mind:  Because I am deep and hidden away from consciousness and direct recognition. So the person doesn’t recognize or feel my presence or existence.  I am part of a person, but he doesn’t know or feel my presence in most cases.  I am far from his recognition and senses.  That's why you find many people denying my presence and not admitting my existence.


Author:  How come we don't recognize or sense your presence being that you are the true owner of power, as you say?  And you have great effect on many aspects of our lives!


The Subconscious Mind:  Do you feel the presence of the endocrine glands or sense it?  Of course not!  Despite that, these organs control a lot of your body functions, sometimes even control your sensations and feelings. The same is the case with me.  So why do you wonder?  Don’t you know that God is capable of everything?


Author:  Sometimes, we see a person agreeing and accepting a deed, an opinion, or a decision or showing his conviction and satisfaction.  Then, after many years, we find him suddenly turning back and revolting as if he never agreed with it one day.  Are you behind that?  Or have any relationship with that?


The Subconscious Mind:  Yes, without a doubt!  This turning back in the position which you notice is the result of the conviction of the conscious mind with my view and my new position.  Or the leniency of the person towards my view even if his conscious mind did not approve of that.  Or due to the defeat of the conscious mind and my victory over him, and his surrender to me.  If you look carefully at this person whom you're talking about during these long years in which he was in agreement and satisfied, and if you followed his reactions, behavior, and statements carefully, you will notice in it my hidden rejection.  If you carefully examined, observed, magnified, and interpreted, the invisible will become visible to you.  And you will not become surprised or astonished of the change in position, rejection, and revolt, after years of satisfaction and content, and lack of objection.


Author: Another question…


The Subconscious Mind: (interrupting) And the last one please, for you have taken a lot of my time, and I am not used to that and I don’t like direct conversation.  I have promised you to be frank, and that does not fit me as I told you.  So hurry up, for I cannot guarantee you more frankness or visibility.


Author:  Could you grant us one last favor?  Can you tell us how can we see you, recognize you, or feel your presence by the eye of recognition?  And how can we identify your real position or decision and live with you in light instead of darkness?


The Subconscious Mind:  Actually, most people will not be able to, and also will not accept or feel comfortable with that.  Except a true believer with sincere faith.  The light of faith alone makes the mind become only one, the self become one, and the interior become one.  It makes the manifest like the hidden, and the hidden like the manifest.  There is no difference and no conflict, and as they say, no hypocrisy. 


And here, the veils of darkness started to descend and heavy clouds started to accumulate.  The voice started to fade away while the picture seemed about to disappear, but I was able to hear him continue on as he said…


          But refer back to my talk and you will understand.  If you look carefully, analyzed, magnified, and interpreted the actions, reactions, emotions, statements, deeds, expressions, and dreams, you will find my position and decision clear.  You will find what I want apparent, what I reject clear, and what I accept and love obvious.  These are my effects from which you can identify my presence.  Just like any hidden and invisible thing like electricity and heat.  You don’t see them, but you recognize their effects.  And don't forget that you don't see God the Almighty Creator, but you recognize, see, and identify the manifestation and effects of His power and capability.  Glory be to Him, the Great Creator!  He created me and I am not as marvelous as many more things in human beings, or in the universe.


The voice totally disappeared, the veil of darkness prevailed, and the curtains came down.  Everything became quiet, and I found myself alone in an unknown world which only Allah (SWT) knows.  I turned back and walked quickly as I felt the unknown running after me.  So I ran until I ended in the world of reality and wakefulness.  I touched the things around me and I felt happy that I left the world of secrecy and unknowns, while the echo of the words and the dialogue still resonated in my ears.  The words of the subconscious mind which we know very little or nothing about!  Even ourselves, we know very little about.  So is there anyone weaker and powerless than us?  Truthful is Allah (SWT) when He (SWT) said, “Man has been created feeble.”  But who from us knows and who from us recognizes while some of us claim strength and others claim capability!  Some claim knowledge and some claim that they are in control!  There is no power or strength but with Allah!