Our interview with the wild dog was a coincidence and without prior arrangement.It was important and useful, but sometimes, it was scary and annoying.How much it is dangerous and difficult to find yourself suddenly alone in front of a wild dog late at night, and there is no third party with you!

††††††††† The road was quiet, the light was dim, and there were no pedestrians.The weather was filled with thick fog which made it difficult to see.It was almost midnight when his nervous and continuous barking interrupted the beautiful silence of night and its magical atmosphere.

††††††††† For a moment, I imagined that a vicious attack would take place on me, but I donít know from where!However, the barking stopped suddenly just like it started suddenly.I took my breathe for a moment.Soon after, I saw him with the corner of my eye standing as he was gray in color, thin, and had a thick and untidy coat.He was looking towards me with fear and readiness.I found it a good opportunity to approach him further, although this matter required a lot of courage and cautiousness.In order to get to know him better, I gathered my strength and with extreme caution, I came closer to him and the following interview took place:


Author:How are you doing, oh Dog.Hopefully, you are fine.


The Dog:(does not answer, and he pants. He looks with hesitation and suspicion)


Author:I hope I did not disturb or bother you.


The Dog:What do you want from me?And why donít you leave me alone?


Author:I would like to pose some questions to you so that I can get to know you better.I will not take much of your time and I will leave you alone afterwards.Do you have any objections to that?


The Dog:I donít really understand what youíre sayingÖ the many greetings, apologies, asking permission, and such types of etiquette and protocol, etc.All of that makes me nervous as I donít know it nor was I raised or used to it.So, I donít even understand why valuable time should be wasted in it.By nature, I like the easiest and shortest way to get to anything, even if it is dangerous or unacceptable by others.As a wild dog, I have been raised and learned to accept whatever danger, to gain what I want, and to achieve my goal.I also learned not to care or pay attention to others or their feelings or what they may say.All of that does not concern me at all!And if I was in your place, I would directly get to the point without all these protocols which I donít understand and donít care about.


Author:I did not know that about you.Anyways, I apologize to you for I am not like you.I can not deal with others like you do.So, sorry if I express some politeness or etiquette towards you, or if you saw from me what would make you nervous from manners, compliments, or protocol. These things are part of me and this is the product of human civilization.They are what distinguishes us as human beings over the other creatures.This is the bounty which Allah (SWT) preferred us over you wild animals.We cannot and will not accept to give it up, even if it annoys wild dogs like you. Once again, do you allow me to start the interview?Do you have objections?


The Dog: (barks out loud which indicate his lack of patience) NoÖbut let your questions be fast, direct, and easy to understand for a dog like me.And try to finish all that as quickly as possible.


Author:I promise you that.Let me first ask you, why do I see you worried and bothered?And you don't enjoy the quietness and beauty of such night?


The Dog:First of all, enjoying quietness, beauty, and these romantics and spirituals, are not from my nature.I donít feel even any beauty or pleasure in these things so they are valueless to me.Except if they were going to serve an interest to me, or benefit me by any way.As for what bothers and worries me, it is the opportunity which did not come to me until now.This opportunity which came to hundreds or rather, thousands of other wild dogs!It is the opportunity to climb the social ladder, and shine in it, and achieve my ambitions, and get rid of my status quo.I am not worse than them, nor are they better than me!


Author:What a surprise!Did other wild dogs like you climb the social ladder and shine in it?


The Dog:(barks with sarcasm) Yes, sir.Thousands and thousands of them, but your eyes donít see them.And if you do see them, you will not recognize their real wild dog-like nature, due to the abundance of what they added to themselves, by faking sometimes and by imitating at other times.But, ask yourself a simple question.Where are the wild dogs that used to fill the streets and roads at night?Where are the dogs that used to fill it with barking and horror, such that you humans used to carry out a campaign for pest control to get rid of them since they bother you and disturb your sleep at night and endanger your safety?Where did such wild dogs go now?Do you find any trace for them?You yourself had been frightened awhile ago and I saw you myself when you heard the sound of my barkingÖwhy?!That is because you were not used to that since a long time ago.Exactly since the wild dogs started to disappear from your roadways and started to enter your social lives while you are not aware of that.


Author:Your observation is correct.I did not pay attention to that before.We thought that the efforts and campaign are what eliminated these wild dogs.


The Dog:It is not true, sir!Neither your efforts nor your campaigns!But what happened is that the wild dogs entered your lives and societies, and climbed its ladder quickly.Thatís why they disappeared from the roadways and abandoned the dog-like life and wildness.Or to be more specific, they left the roadways and took their dog-like life and wildness with them, and they entered your lives and your societies.That's why you don't see them anymore.Except for those who are unlucky and miserable like me, and they are few anyway.But even we did not loose hope and weíre still waiting for the right opportunity.Because of that, you find me stressful and anxious, and sad at the same time. Because I am still in this lonely place till now, while others who are not different from me now live in luxurious apartments, houses, villas, and even palaces.They sat down in big offices and integrated themselves with the noble families.They even married and reproduced from them.


Author:What youíre saying is interesting and dangerous at the same time. So, can you shed more light on this?How does all that happen while we are not aware?


The Dog:Because you get easily deceived and tempted by appearance.You donít care about searching for the truth of the origins and roots, especially with the fast rhythm of life nowadays and the intermingling of matters and interests.Sir, do you know for example, that many of the presidents and prime ministers were originally wild dogs.Also, a lot of the dignitaries, high rank officials, managers, college professors, merchants, businessmen, many of police officers and army, and famous artistsÖa great percentage of them were originally wild dogs.More important than that, many of the ordinary people like yourself, doctors, engineers, journalists, lawyers, judges, clerks, and accountantsÖthose who penetrate the society and have influx of wealth and money and achieve high social class and status.They intermingle and mix themselves with your families as I mentioned.And they marry from you and create mixed families and integrated generations.Half of this generation is wild dog, and the other half is from you. Sometimes whole families with its offspring are pure wild dogs in their roots and origins.However, it takes a shape that resembles, acts, and deals like you.With money, high social position, and sometimes authority, it seems to you that they are like you.So the old picture disappears and is replaced by a fabricated and deceitful picture.


Author:Can you give me some examples to prove your statement?


The Dog:Without a doubt, take for example, Mr. X , Y, and Z and family A, B, and C, etc. (he kept enumerating a lot of names to my surprise and wonder, for those names included a great number of officials, dignitaries, the rich, scholars, artists, and celebrities.Even the religious clerics as well as the ordinary people, some of which included my friends and families connected to us through marriage.I felt very humiliated and naÔve, and great danger at the same time.Because we reached to that point of ignorance and recklessness such that I asked him to stop a number of times!!!)


Author:But what about their wild dog-like nature, what do they do with it?

The Dog:As I told you, they take it with them most of the time, for it is part of them.With time and age, this nature evolves and takes another form.Donít forget that this process started long time ago.Thus, with adaptation, imitation, and new generations, the picture totally changed!But without a doubt, the wild dog-like nature is strong and is not easy to get rid of, no matter how much time passes.It dominated the origins and roots of the character.More importantly, this wild dog-like nature is what enabled them to originally penetrate the society and dissolve and deceive it, and climb its social ladder to this great extent which you now see.Hence, this nature and holding on to it is part of their sense of power.That's why they cling to it, at least in their subconscious mind.They fear that if they abandoned it, the bounties, the goods, and high status which they never dreamt of or imagined will also abandon them.


Author:Could you give us an idea of this wild dog-like nature and how it enabled them to penetrate the society?


The Dog: Yes, it is from our nature to be disloyal, contrary to the nature of the domestic, faithful dog.It is from our nature to look only after our best interest and benefit, as I told you, and we do not care about feelings, spirituals, etc.We sacrifice anything to achieve and gain what we want.We love crumbs even if we became very rich.What we gain without effort is much more likable to us than what we gain by effort and work.We do no care about morals, values, or principles.We do not know them, understand them, or respect them, and we do not act upon them.However, there is no harm in benefiting from them, only if this will serve our interest.We also attack those who are weaker than us and we bite them.We abuse and control those who fear us.But at the same time, we are cowards and submissive and obedient and fearful of those who are stronger than us.Our barking is more frequent and louder if we are stronger, or if we are alone and we want to frighten others.We are silent if we are fearful or if we get frightened.We hate domestic dogs that are not wild.We do not feel loyal to anything, not even you, and we are not loyal to anything or anyone or any principle.We love darkness and are active and feel secure in it.We do not ever get satiated, and we love to hoard and save, in fear of not finding our sustenance.We do not like to be limited by anything, and that is part of our nature.We love complete freedom in anything and everything.That's why we do not like etiquette, manners, politeness, and the rest of such restrictions and nonsense.We run after our lower desires at any time and in any place.And we try to achieve and accomplish it.We do not know father, mother, brother or sister, and there is no meaning of family to us.We love the streets and being present in it and we hate staying home, even if it is to stay with our children and spouse.Fear and insecurity are part of our nature.Hence, we make every effort to gain safety and security by any meansÖby saving money, by hypocrisy, by kissing up, barking out loud, showing off strength, lying, escaping, and running at other times.We do not like to think or contemplate or work our minds except in what benefits our interest and our lives.We can not and do not accept to think or work for any interest except ours.One of the most things we hate are these intellectual interviews and logics, and all that calls for using the mind for something other than materialism or an obvious benefit.We love matter and that is all that we see.Anything other than that, we do not care about.These are just some characteristics of our nature, but not everything.Do you want to hear more?And do you want me to tell you how these wild dog-like attributes enable us to penetrate the society and climb it?


Author:No, no please.That is enough, for you made me nauseous.It is very clear based on your explanation you mentioned how such attributes enabled them to achieve what they have achieved and to gain what they have gained.But tell me, how do you start to exit your dog-like life and enter the society?Could you get rid of this wild dog-like totally and its attributes?


The Dog:For the first part of your question, the answer is money, sirÖthat is the key.Then, with the help of other attributes, we gain more money.We collect, buy, own, gain strength, and reach to higher positions, and so on.And you people love money too much, as God said, if money was placed in front of you, you do not see anything with it no matter how clear or obvious that thing is.Then education, since we were permitted to enter the academic institutions and learning centers whether free or not.We entered schools and graduated from college, but we always have our wild dog nature within us.This nature is the key which open the doors to us after that.To enter everyplace and climb everything and open all gates.Don't forget sir that we are very smart and clever in learning anything that will serve our interests, goals, and desires.Even if it is religious knowledge!However, we can't learn or study only for the sake of attaining knowledge, or to serve noble goals or to serve the need of society.Or anything else from such nonsense which we do not understand or know, and doesnít motivate us or arouse any desire in us.So, money, education, and with great help of our wild dog-like nature, those are the things which help us get out of our wild dog-like life.And rise to the top on shoulders, and with your blessings and acceptance, and in the midst of your admiration and mesmerizing.As for the second part of your question, it is impossible except through true and sincere belief in God the Great Creator, and His love, obedience, and fear.That is the only thing that elevates both of us.


Author:Are you educated, Oh wild dog?


The Dog:Yes, I have a bachelor's degree from one of the colleges, and I attained a master's degree just last month.Soon, I will prepare for the PhD degree.


Author:What a surprise!How did they allow you even with such wild dog-like nature of yours?


The Dog:That is not an obstacle, and the colleges do not exclude wild dogs.As I told you, I am like my people, smart in everything that serves my interest.I have a great appetite for education because I know the benefits that it will bring to me.Also, donít forget that many of my professors, even the dean of the college are also lucky wild dogs whom the opportunity came to them, and they penetrated the university and took on the higher positions.Therefore, they understand my circumstances and help me, and they donít stand in my way.


Author:Is that due to loyalty from them or a sense of belonging?


The Dog:Neither of them, but because they hate lack of wildness, noble origin, good manners, and good nature.And because of hate to domestic disciplined dogs, which all of us as wild dogs hate and envy them since the days of our wildness.


Author:You have attained education, so what are you lacking?


The Dog:Money, sir.Then the opportunity!After that, my wild dog-like nature will push me forward to achieve my ambitions and goals.


Author:Another important question.How can we recognize you in the midst of the frequent fabrication and fakeness, and adaptation and acting? Especially when you have names, money, positions, and traditions like us.


The Dog:I am not supposed to answer your question because this is a secret which shouldnít be disclosed by someone like me who is getting ready to penetrate the society.Or else, I donít know, perhaps youíll use what you know from me now to recognize me in the future if I meet you in a different place and different time, such as an administration, or office, or ministry, or TV screen, or radio station, or a newspaper page, or a video clip.Or if I came to you to ask the hand of your sister or daughter, or your son to myself or to my son or to my daughter.And I do not want that at all!Rather, I want to dissolve with you so that my presence can continue on.And I want you to forget my wild dog-like nature.But in any case, I will give you a simple key to answer your question.That is, if you promise me that you donít expose me if you see me later and recognize me.


Author:I promise you that.Except if I have to protect myself or a believer in God from you.In that case, I cannot promise you.


The Dog:I accept that from you.You can identify us, sir, no matter how we changed, fabricated, or counterfeited ourselves from our wild dog-like nature which I explained to you earlier.So, refer back to these attributes and study them carefully.This nature is with us and a part of us and is part of our progeny.So, if you saw any of these characteristics or one of them, then recognize us by them and identify us through them, no matter how high we go up or claimed or lied or fabricated.I can not tell you more than that.But beware for if you discover us or expose us, there is great danger on you!At that time, we will all turn against you, and we will attack you and bite you before you expose and destroy us and our achievements.We will protect ourselves by all means, so be careful!Look after your best interest which in most cases will be with us. (At that moment, another wild dog came by quickly as he was panting.He exchanged barking for a few moments with our dog.Then he left, and after that, I saw that our dog's face lit up and a smile and relief appeared on his face as he kept on circulating and dancing out of joy, so I asked him).


Author:What is the secret behind this sudden happiness and joy that I see?And what did your companion say to you?


The Dog:He conveyed to me great news, the news which Iíve been waiting and hoping for!The right opportunity which I spoke to you about!


Author:What did he convey to you?


The Dog:He informed me that I got a visa to enter to an Arab gulf state.I will travel there within two days, and there, I will try to obtain a job offer using my wild dog-like nature.Then money will come to me, a lot of money!With the education and qualifications which I have, and the money which will come to me, and by virtue of my wild dog nature, I will penetrate your society and shine in it.I will stand over your heads and reproduce with you.I will attain your admiration and dissolve into your society.My progeny will be shared and mixed with you.Finally, the chance that Iíve been waiting and seeking for came to me!Finally, I will get out of my status quo, from my dog life and its wildness.I will attain what the others have attained!And gain what the other wild dogs gained.How happy I am!


Author:But by Allah, tell me before you go away and the world opens to you and before our interview comes to an end.Perhaps, I will not see you in this real picture once again.How can we protect ourselves from you in the future?


The Dog: (while he goes away) Donít forget that the Prophet (PBUH) ordered you to kill the wild dogs and eliminate them because of their danger on you.But you abandoned your religion and failed to carry out the order of your prophet who ordered you to do all good, even if you donít understand or recognize the wisdom behind it.As a result, we were able to penetrate you and we integrated with you.Our roots mixed with your roots, so do not blame us.But blame yourselves.See youÖ



††††††††† He left while he is laughing and barking loudly out of joy and happiness.His barking tore away the beautiful silence of the night and interrupted its peace, and added ugliness to it which was not in it, but it became a part of it.I left as my heart was filled with fear and was in pain and sadness, as I now understood and realized why our lives have become corrupted, why the conscience and trust have been lost, why man have changed to the worst, and why spoiling and misguidance have prevailed!There is no power or strength but with Allah!