Our interview with the pig was one of the most tough and difficult interviews especially for me.  After all, you can imagine what it is like to make an interview with a creature that is considered to be one of the filthiest and disgusting creatures.  To see it, simply to see it, creates a feeling of disgust in any respected human being.  But of course, it does not disgust those who are like it in both nature and behavior.

          I stood at the door of the barn…and I hesitated for a period of time…shall I enter or not?!  Foul smell and terrifying odors caught my nose.  I wondered how such terrible smell can come from a living being?!  It was inevitable but to enter as we have to penetrate and discover this world of pigs to know more about it, and reveal some of its attributes, characteristics, and conditions.  I opened the door gently and carefully.  And I took my first steps inside the barn.  As soon as I saw the scene, I was about to turn back and leave immediately.  But my firm desire to complete the interview that I have decided to pursue, regardless of the hardships and suffering I face, forced me to continue.

          In brief, the scene was full of dirt, filth was all around, and piles of garbage and crumbs here and there …A countless number of pigs were examining and searching in these piles…they eat, drink, and breathe these disposals.  They roll inside and over it as they wash themselves with it.  They feel nothing around them.  All their concern and interest are in these piles of garbage.  Even the pigs themselves, their shapes and features became almost as if they is part of this garbage itself.  No, rather, it is even much worse than the garbage!  Flies are everywhere and cover everything to the extent that everything looks black!  The smell, boy the smell!  It is worse than opening a grave!

          A group of pigs came quickly towards me…making sounds which hurt the ears, as their appearance hurt the eyes.  They were shaking their lumps of fat while pushing each other in an ugly manner.  There was an idiotic and careless look in their eyes.  They thought that I had brought them more garbage and crumbs.  They didn't care if I was an enemy, stranger or trustee.  The important only thing to them is…”Do you have crumbs?”  When they saw that I have nothing, they left not caring for anything, except one of them who kept on circling here and there as if he was looking for something.  It placed its hideous nose on earth, smelled, sniffed, and raised its nose again.   It kept on doing that and I said to myself, I will not loose this chance.  So, I closed my nose…and I tried to not focus my eye.  My feet took me towards it …and I started the dialogue with the pig.


Author:  Do you allow me to interview you, Oh Pig?


The Pig:  (while searching on the earth and sniffing carelessly) Interview… what is an interview?  Do you have crumbs?  Do you have garbage?


Author:  An interview…is words that you and I exchange with each other.  It carries thoughts…and describes conditions with statements.  It reveals the hidden and is understood by every mind.


The Pig: (was still in the searching conditions) Thoughts!  Words!  Where are the crumbs?!  Conditions!  Statements! Mind!  Where is the garbage?!


Author:  (I was starting to loose my patience) The crumbs and garbage are around you everywhere, so what do you want?


The Pig:  More and more…much more and much more…more crumbs…and more filthy garbage!


Author:  Isn't all this garbage, dirt, and waste disposals, piles and piles around you enough for you?


The Pig:  No…it is not enough…isn't life anything but trash?!  Isn’t this life anything but crumbs?!  Isn’t its pleasures and beauty nothing more and more crumbs?!


Author:  Is this your vision towards life, its world, and beauty?


The Pig:  It is not my vision alone sir.  But it is also the vision of man.


Author:  Man!!  Which man are you talking about?


The Pig:  Any man and every man.  This life is his barn…and its pleasure is his garbage.

Author: How is that?  Can you clarify that to me?


The Pig:  Man spends his lifetime running after the ornaments of this life.  And what is the end of the ornaments of this life?  It ends as garbage and trash.  So, we can say that what man runs after all his life is in reality garbage.  And the ornaments of this life, if you compare it to what Allah (SWT) has in the Hereafter, they are like crumbs.  So, the life which man runs after is really just crumbs.  You can understand my words if you understand mathematics.


Author:  Yes, I can understand you now.  But, this is the view of people who lives a pig-like life like you.


The Pig:  They are the majority…most of the majority…we can almost say everyone except the chosen ones.   Usually, you judge by the wide majority, and not based on the very rare minority.


Author:  What are you looking for now?  Tell me, maybe I can help you?


The Pig:  I am looking for a piece of rotten bread…which I have dropped a while ago…I love it and I have a desire and interest in it.


Author:  Why do you exhaust yourself so much and waste your time, while the garbage in front of you has a lot of spoiled bread and food?


The Pig:  Exhaustion!  No, my pleasure is in the process of looking for every rotten thing.  My time is wasted only if I am not searching for filthiness.  Looking for crumbs is the pleasure and not the crumbs itself.  Seeing and owning more and more is the desire and not an exact crumb.

Author:  Are you hungry?


The Pig:  You still don’t understand!  The matter is not about hunger, but it is the desire.  That's why you find us doing the same thing all day long.


Author: But we know than any animal does not eat except if it is hungry.


The Pig:  Except us, sir.  For, we eat out of love of searching in the waste, and we do not become satiated, out of love for more waste.


Author:  Doesn't this foul and disgusting smell bother you?


The Pig:  Where are these foul odors?  I do not smell except every good smell.  Your nose smells it bad because Allah (SWT) raised you over me and gave you the truth.  As for me, Allah (SWT) put me down and this is His Wisdom.  And he made me blind from seeing the reality.  That's why I see ugliness as beauty, and I smell the bad as perfume.  Allah (SWT) made me as an example for you.


Author:  But why do you eat anything and everything?  And there is no other animal that does that but you?!


The Pig:  Because all what I'm concerned of is the meaning of the crumb.  Any crumb!  Crumbs of food or paper!  Crumbs of bread or wood!  Crumbs of meat or ashes!  The most important thing is that it is a crumb!  And a crumb is what is leftover from a thing…anything…that has been left and abandoned…so it is valueless and that is why it has been abandoned.  I live on everything that has no value, and is rejected and abandoned regardless of its nature or name.


Author:  But why do you prefer dirtiness from all things, and why do you choose the worst from the crumbs?

The Pig:  Because Allah (SWT) has put me down.  So everything changed upside down to me.  What you see as most ugly I see as most beautiful.  And what you see as most clean, I see as most dirty.  And what you see as big, I see as little.


Author:  But don’t you think about sicknesses, diseases, lowliness, and look of contempt which your gathering of crumbs and eating of filth will bring to you?


The Pig:  Think? (he laughs carelessly and shakes his body fat)  I never think, sir!  For my mind has become influenced by my food.  So it also became crumbs and filth.  And my brain became trash and garbage.  So I forgot about thoughts, thinking, and contemplation. All my life is Dirtiness x Waste x Trash x Garbage x Crumbs.


Author:  Do you know why people raise you and supply you with food from all this garbage and gather it for you?


The Pig:  Yes, I know.  They love to eat our meat and they benefit from our skin, fats, and bones…even from our body organs and blood.


Author:  So you do know!  How do you feel about that?  And how do you enjoy your life when you know your fate very well?.  And you know the purpose of those who throw these crumbs to you and what they want to do with you.  And what they hide behind all these crumbs.


The Pig:  Feelings (laughs with an ugly voice)!  Sir, I have no feeling or sensations, and this is the case with those whom Allah (SWT) puts down.  Everything I have is appetite for crumbs and searching for crumbs and running after them, and running after every filth, garbage, and dirt.  That is all what concerns me.  As for what will happen tomorrow, I don't care.  What they plan for me is not important.  Who is the enemy and who is the friend…I don't care.  Why they feed me… is not important.  To look at what is clear and obvious … is not important.  The only important thing…is crumbs…crumbs…and more crumbs!

Author:  Do you also know that they choose you specifically because your food is cheap since it is just garbage?  And your raising is simple, because it is simple more of filth. That is why your trade is very profitable.


The Pig:  I know…and I don’t care.


Author:  And do you know that they really despise you in the bottom of their hearts, and they hate you and are disgusted from you?


The Pig:  I know…and I don’t care (still keeps on searching among the garbage).


Author:  Do you know that you have become from the most despised creatures to man?


The Pig:  I know, and I don’t care.  But, I wonder and am full of wonder!


Author:  And why all that wonder?


The Pig:  Because man… especially man…many and many, rather millions of them live a type of life that resembles my life, with the same style, characteristics, and behavior.  Despite that, they elevate themselves over me.  And they claim to be disgusted from me and from my appearance and from my way of life.  While their lives is not much different from mine.  Rather, in the end, I am better than them, and I am the one who should be disgusted from them and mock them.


Author:  Why you consider yourself better than them?


The Pig:  Because Allah (SWT) has put me down, but He (SWT) raised them.  Allah (SWT) created me this way and I have no choice.  As for them, Allah (SWT) has honored and elevated them.  He (SWT) sent prophets, messengers, saints, and guardians to guide them to the light, and to show them the reality of life and how to exit safely from it.  Then He (SWT) gave them the freedom of choice.  So they chose to live by their own free will a pig-like life.  They accept be like me, without any force or pressure.  So which of us is better now?


Author:  But how do they live like your life?  I don't understand.  Can you clarify that more?


The Pig: (still searching in the dirt with his nose)  If you thought a little bit, and understood the meaning of things, and didn't focus your thinking in names only, you will come to understand a lot of things.  For example, if you explain your view and understanding of the word "crumbs", you will find that it refers to every valueless thing.  What I run after, seek, and love all the time is crumbs to you, but not to me.  Similarly, what you run after is also crumbs with respect to your Lord and what awaits you from resurrection and accountability, Siraat (bridge of hell), reckoning, and punishment, and judgment from Allah (SWT).  So it is either reward or punishment; either gardens, rivers, and best of food and drink, or Hellfire.  So, isn’t what you consume your lives in compared to that nothing but crumbs?  Money and children, power and knowledge, celebrity and luxury compared to what Allah (SWT) has are nothing but crumbs.  According to that meaning, you humans are doing exactly like me, spending your lifetime running after and seeking the crumbs.  What you hoard is not worth to Allah (SWT) anything but crumbs.  What you enjoy is not worth anything to Allah (SWT) but garbage.  What you fight for is not worth anything to Allah (SWT) but waste.  What you love and desire is filth in Allah’s eyes.  What you see valuable is trash, and what you run after is waste.  Your lives and what you occupy yourselves with is dirt, waste, trash, garbage, and crumbs.  But you don't feel the reality of your life just like I don't feel the reality of my life.  Both of us run and seek after the same thing, although the name is different, except for a big difference.  And that is, Allah (SWT) put me down, but He (SWT) did not put you down.  He (SWT) didn't give me the choice, but He (SWT) gave you the freedom of choice.  He (SWT) will not set me alive, but He (SWT) will resurrect you.  He (SWT) will not reckon me, but He (SWT) will hold you accountable.  So I am more happy and lucky than you and in very good shape compared to you.


Author:  Is that why I see you happy, joyful, and careless?


The Pig:  Yes, of course!  Both you and I…each of us live a pig-like life that is very much similar.  But, we are happy while you are miserable.  We did not choose our lifestyle, rather, Allah (SWT) chose it for us for a specific wisdom, and to make us an example and lesson for others.  So we are happy with Allah’s choice.  But you are miserable, even if you faked happiness because you have disobeyed your Lord and rejected His honor to you.  You refused the human honorable life which He (SWT) approved for you.  Instead, you preferred the pig-like life with all the negatives you see in our lives.  How miserable you are!  And how weak your minds are!  And how poor your choice was!


Author:  I’m starting to understand what you want to say, but I am not able to gather all of that in my mind.


The Pig:  Sir, money to you is like this pile of garbage and its crumbs to me.  Cars to you is like this piece of rotten fruit to me.  Positions and power to you is like this trash bag and its crumbs to me.  Scientific academic degrees and certificates to you are like this pile of filth and its crumbs to me.  Houses and palaces to you are like these masses of wasted and its crumbs to me.  The life of this world and its luxuries to you is like this barn and all its content and its crumbs to me.


Author:  But tell me, how do you accept that crumbs and garbage be thrown to you, and you pay the price of that from your life, your fats, your meat, your blood, and your organs?  It is a non-profitable deal and an unfair and loosing trade.


The Pig:  Sir, I am not the only one who does that.  If you look carefully and think about it, you’ll find that you humans resemble me in this also.


Author:  How is that?  Tell me, I beg by your crumbs and garbage?

The Pig:  Don’t you have rulers who throw crumbs to their people and take in return their loyalty, lives, and resources and suck their blood?  While at the same time they step on their dignity, violate their honor, and kill their children.  Yet the people accept that and don't feel that it is a loosing trade and unfair deal!  Isn’t this exactly what's happening with me?  Don’t you have superpower?  And great nations which throw to your countries and your nations crumbs and garbage?   And export to you all trash, waste, and filthiness?  They take in return your resources, to gain your support, and control your political decisions and power.  While they suck your blood, corrupt your children, and violate your honor.  Your nation and population accept and agree, and don't even feel or realize that unfair and unprofitable trade?  Isn’t this exactly what happens with me?!  Do you want more examples?


Author:  No, no thank you.  You made me see lot things which I never thought about.   Such that I came to hate this pig lifestyle which we humans live.  But how did we not see all these truth and facts?


The Pig:  Because you feed on crumbs, that's why your minds became like crumbs.  It does not see, think, understand, or know except crumbs.


I noticed in his eyes a look of victory, as he shook his filthiness proudly while he is still busy looking for crumbs.  Then, I heard the noise of a big truck stopping outside the door.  And I saw our pig and a lot of other pigs rush towards the doors, bumping into each other and making their characteristic noise and chanting, “Crumbs…crumbs, more crumbs, crumbs.. crumbs …give us crumbs, crumbs, and crumbs…how lovely is the filth!  Fotat…fotat…the life of this world is just a waste, fotat..fotat..we don't need except crumbs, we don't want except crumbs.. fotat..fotat..fotat..more and more of fotaat!”

          The door opened, and workers entered as they carried bags and loads that are full  of benefits, positions, houses, cars, and money…sorry…I mean, crumbs, garbage, filth, waste, and trash.  They threw it and opened it.  The pigs rushed towards it.  It was a disgusting scene that caused a feeling of disgust…to see creatures pushing and fighting, looking for filth and does not see except garbage.  It does not care about anything except more of waste.  The rotten smell is renewed and decayed fumes widespread.  At the same time and from another door, another truck stopped which is specialized in loading animals.  Hundreds of pigs are carried in the truck.  These pigs are going to face their fate.  Their meet will be eaten, their blood will be sucked, their skin will be used, and their fat will be dissolved.  I looked at their faces as they were driven to their destruction.  I was surprised to see them careless while still chanting, “Fotat, fotat, fotat, more of fotat!”  It looked like they were not aware of their fate.  Or they were aware, but they didn't care.  And all their concern is the crumbs and filth, and that is their world.  I turned my face and I saw their fellow pigs.  They weren't concerned or care about what was happening to their fellow pigs.  They were just busy rummaging in the piles of garbage and trash, to look for more crumbs and more rotten trash.  They do not see…they do not think…they do  not care…and they do not interpret.  Their slogan is “Crumbs to the end” and their chanting is “More garbage bags!”  This is exactly the life of the pigs in the barn.


I came out of the barn, and I closed the door behind me.  I walked out while I was thinking about this issue.  How can a man live and accept such a pig-like life?  The resemblance is very clear!  And the similarity is obvious!  My body shivered, my feet felt heavy, and I was not able to escape from reality.  It is bitter, but it is the reality.  It is the reality of human pigs.  Its appearance is human, and its clothes are fashioned.  But in reality, they are just pigs!  Here, I wondered, when Allah (SWT) changed some of the sons of Israel to monkeys and pigs when they disobeyed, does that mean that they literally changed into real pigs?  Or does it mean that they have been brought down, and so they are humans, but live a pig-like life.  So, the image is human, but the reality of the behavior, concerns, and lifestyle all resemble exactly what happened in the pig barn.  This is the punishment of Allah (SWT) to them.  Allah (SWT) have made the life of this animal as an example and lesson for us, so that we may avoid it, and distant ourselves from it or what resembles it.  Allah (SWT) has forbidden us from eating, touching, and raising this animal, not because the animal itself, but because of what it represents.  Allah (SWT) wants to elevate and honor humans and it is a bounty from Him to us.  He (SWT) wants us to live a human life, worship our Lord, and abandon the crumbs.  We should work for what is valuable to Allah (SWT), and be occupied only by what is useful in Judgment Day.  We should see life in its reality, and perform the good deeds which please our Lord, until we reach the Hereafter where peace and tranquility awaits us.  But does man see, and will he abandon the crumbs and garbage?  Will he reject the pig-like life and live only as a human?  Allah (SWT) has elevated and dignified him over all other animals.  So how can he accept to live as the least and the worst of animals?!  There is no power but with Allah!