mong the best deeds of my followers is to wait for the Imam’s advent which is God’s demand”, says Prophet Muhammad (SA).





enefit of my existence in occultation, it is like the benefit of the sun behind the clouds where the eyes do not see it” says Imam Zaman.




ries tears of blood in mourning over the tragedy of his grandfather Imam Husain day and night!





ua Nudba is a highly recommended supplication to be done on Fridays which calls for the appearance of the Imam.




ven if the entire duration of the world's existence has already been exhausted and only one day is left before Doomsday (Day of judgment), Allah will expand that day to such a length of time, as to accommodate the kingdom of a person out of my Ahlul-Bayt who will be called by my name”, said Rasulullah (SWT).



our deputies of his during the lesser occultation were Othman Ibn-e Sa’eed Omary, his son Mohammad Ibn Othman Omary, Abul Qasim Hossein Ibn-e Ruh Nobakhti, and Ali Ibn Mohammad Samary.






overnment of Allah (SWT) will be established by him and good will replace evil.





idden Imam will return accompanied by Prophet Jesus (AS) who will pray behind the Imam.





mam Mahdi has been concealed due to the lack of preparation and mankind's low level of readiness to accept the rules of God.





ustice and equity will fill the earth by him just like it was filled with injustice and tyranny.





aaba is the place where he’ll appear with 313 top virtuous men.





ight of guidance will spread and shine during his rulership.





inor occultation started in 260 A.H and lasted about seventy years, while the Major Occultation started from 329 A.H and will last as long as God desires.




arjis, his mother, gave birth to him secretly at the time of the reign of al-Mua’tamad, the Abbasid king who was fully aware of the prophecy that, the birth of the twelfth Imam would occur during his reign. He naturally was very worried and anxious to find him and this was the main reason for keeping the Imam’s birth a secret.





cculted he is till the time Allah (SWT) wills for his reappearance.





eacock of Paradise he is known to be. 




uran gives the glad tidings that the rule over the earth shall finally belong to the righteous and virtuous servants of Allah (SWT).





aj’aa will the time for him to attain vengeance against the enemies of Allah (SWT), the Seal of Prophets, and His purified Progeny.





ome of his Shia will become doubtful and desperate in waiting for him and will loose hope due to the long time of his concealment.





welvth Imam who is the last awaited one from the descendents of Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS).





ltimate savior of mankind whose name and title is the same as the prophet’s.





ictory for the true believers will be attained under his banner.





orld will not perish until a man among the Arabs appears whose name matches my name”, says Rasulullah (SA).




istence of the Representative of Allah (SWT) on earth at any time is absolutely necessary even if the time has not as yet arrived for his outward appearance and the universal reconstruction that he is to bring about.   




ear after year, and decade after decade across all ages, the Shia of Imam Al Mahdi (AFS) anxiously wait and pray for the appearance of Al Faraj, which is considered worship in itself.






aman Al Ghayba is a dua that is highly recommended for the believers to recite during the time of occultation of the 12th Imam.